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Tutor My Kids

I love my job! I love helping kids who have lost confidence find their confidence again and get a renewed interest in their learning.

And the very best bit of that is talking to Tutor My Kids’ amazing tutors in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and Cambridge and the students’ parents, hearing first hand how the tuition is going. I especially love that first call.

It’s natural that parents and students are going to feel anxious before the first session of private tuition, especially if they haven’t had a tutor before. Students and their parents wonder if they’ll get along with the tutor, if the tutor will be able to help them, if the tutor ‘will talk their language’ and be on the same wavelength as them. So the first call is always a great joy to know that all these anxieties have been swept away. Whilst our testimonials show how well we match our tutors to our students, many of our clients are delighted, but slightly surprised how well we achieve this.

I think it’s down to a number of key factors. We always visit our students and their parents/carers in their own home well so that we can gain a good understanding of their needs, but also their personality. I think a tutor who can connect with the individual student is as important as the tutor having the correct subject knowledge. We always interview our tutors face-to-face to ensure a great understanding of their skills and personality too. In many cases, I will do an initial academic assessment when I visit to get a feel for any specific areas which need to be addressed. This (with the parent/carers’ permission) is supplemented with information from the class or subject teacher at school. With my view, the school’s information and finally the tutor’s expertise, we have a real 360 degree view of the students needs. But is it just down to this great academic and personality matching?

With a few exceptions, all our tutors in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and Cambridge (the areas we cover) are qualified teachers. Their many years of experience of their subjects is paramount, but how to get their learning across to a wide variety of different students who learn in a myriad of different ways, equally, if not, more valuable.

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Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach

TutorMyKids private tutor

I’m so grateful for this amazing testimonial from one of our amazing teachers who tutors in Ely.

‘Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach – to make a difference in children’s learning and confidence, and see them progress.  As a senior manager for the last twelve years of my full time career, I got further and further away from the children and deeper and deeper into paperwork about why they weren’t progressing fast enough. Each child is an individual, has different needs and responds to different learning styles. The pupils I work with through TutorMyKids all benefit from a plan that I design specifically for them and deliver on a 1:1 basis. I see them progress and gain confidence through small steps – and realise that what I am doing is making that difference. Being a tutor with TutorMyKids is so rewarding – I have regained confidence in my teaching ability, working with delightful children and parents who enjoy seeing their children progress.’

I think this hits the nail on the head of why so many teachers are leaving the classroom and looking at other ways in which they can use their years of teaching experience in a way that is valued, that is acknowledged, has freedom and autonomy, enables teachers to do a great job (and feel like they are) and make a difference to pupils.

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Look forward to hearing from you!

Are_you_a_teacher_who_feels you’re no_longer_spending enough_time_teaching?

Why Did you Go into Teaching?

Did you go into teaching to work with children and see them blossom? Do you enjoy those ‘light bulb’ moments when they understand? Do you feel amazing when you know you’ve made that difference? Do you love sharing those wonderful moments? Do you want to work with people like that? Do you want to be responsible for your work? Do you love it when someone says ‘Thank you for teaching my child?’

Yes, us too. 

One-to-one teaching gives you just that.

Tutor My Kids is a small, welcoming company based in Ely. We help families by arranging private tuition for students who have fallen behind. We offer high quality, tailored tuition, in the students’ homes, after school and at weekends and occasionally have daytime tuition too. Our clients are based across Cambridgeshire.

Our clients are fabulous, positive, thoughtful, straightforward, carefully-vetted people who want to help their children for all the right reasons – to help them regain their confidence, catch-up and reach their full potential. Many of our parents and carers recommend us to their friends and colleagues so our business grows steadily and organically; we don’t advertise for new clients.

Our teachers are just amazing. We have a greatly valued team of fantastic, enthusiastic, respected, committed and motivated teachers who love what they do.

We have the most demand for English, maths and science tuition, at all levels – primary and secondary, through to A level, but sometimes our students don’t fit into the standard boxes. We often need primary teachers who are also able to teach year 7-9 maths and/or English. GCSE. A level teachers area also in demand.

Take a look at Thank you for teaching my child and How do I become a private tutor

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Take a look at our website or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 for a no-obligation, friendly, informal chat or get in touch via email

Tutor My Kids is committed to safer recruitment.


New_private_tutors_joined TutorMyKids_in_StIves and_Huntingdon.


We’re delighted to welcome two more teachers to our friendly, passionate, committed team of teachers who tutor children in Cambridgeshire. These teachers are working as private tutors in St Ives and Huntingdon area with primary school aged children.

These teachers have decided to take a break from full-time teaching to fit in with other commitments, but still want to help children to learn and see them blossom. Working as a private tutor is the perfect way to achieve this. Our teachers says that being able to actually teach children, without being bogged down in paperwork,  is the joy of being a private tutor for Tutor My Kids. Also, being recognised for your skills and abilities is something that can feel lacking when teaching full-time, whereas with private tutoring, it’s the norm to be thanked for teaching students. We love that!


We offer a haven from the often fraught work of full-time teaching, meaning that you’re responsible for and have control over your own work – teaching what your students need, not what the curriculum dictates. Our students love having a one-to-one tutor and our teachers love feeling respected for their abilities. Read When was the last time a parent thanked you for teaching their child? for more inspiration.

Our parents are positive, straightforward people who simply want their children to thrive; to achieve to their capabilities, but most of all, simply to give their children confidence. Confidence is the word used by our parents and carers most.

Our tutors are hugely valued by us, at Tutor My Kids and by our parents who appreciate that what we do is always in our pupils’ best interests.


Tutor My Kids is a small friendly company who organises tuition for school children. It’s usually at the parent/carer’s home. We recruit like-minded teachers who love working with children and are passionate and committed to helping them learn.  We operate safer recruitment.

For further information or an informal chat, please take a look at our website or get in touch at or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421.

We’re_hiring_teachers to_work_one_to_one with_students_in_Cambridge.


We’re delighted to announce that we’re hiring again.

Our clients are fabulous – brilliant people who want to help their kids understand things better and have more confidence in school.  They very kindly recommend us to their friends and colleagues, which means we need more fabulous teachers to work with our amazing clients.

Qualified teachers needed.

If you’re a qualified teacher in Cambridge with recent teaching or tutoring experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Primary Teachers

With the new curriculum changes, we’ve clients who want to help their kids be secure with all the new curriculum demands.

Maths, English and Science especially.

Most of our demand, at secondary level, is for GCSE and A level Maths, English and Science teachers in Cambridge, but we do also have call for other subjects and other areas in Cambridgeshire.

Teachers needed after school and occasionally daytime.

Most of our clients want tuition in Cambridge after school, but occasionally daytime tuition is available with private clients and local schools.

How do I apply or find out more?

Please take a look at our tutors page or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 for an informal chat.

To apply please email your CV to


French_Tutor_needed_for South_Cambridge_clients

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French tutor needed to work in students’ homes in South Cambridge.

Tutor My Kids is looking for a bright, energetic French tutor to work with 2 students, in their homes, in the south of Cambridge.

For this position, you needn’t be a teacher, but experience of teaching or tutoring French to children is essential.

One student is a primary aged child, who has some french already and the other is secondary aged.

For more information on TutorMyKids and/or becoming a tutor click the links.

To apply, please email your CV to or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 for an informal chat.





Exam Success


Well done to all our A level students for the great results they’ve achieved.

Wishing them all the success in the world as they move onto the next exciting step in their lives.

Thanks to all our private tutors in Cambridge, Ely and surrounding areas.

We’re grateful to the amazing help for all our students by our committed, fabulous teachers who tutor our students.

If your a teacher who’s interested in finding out more about how to become a tutor, click here.

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Tutor My Kids recruiting #teachersinEly
Tutor My Kids recruiting #teachersinEly

Primary school teachers in Ely needed.

If you’ve ever been curious about whether tutoring might be for you, now’s a great time to get in touch for a chat.

Tutor My Kids has great kids who need a bit of extra help to catch up – especially with the changes to the curriculum. We’ve currently a waiting list of clients who are wanting private tuition in Ely. Most are of primary age looking for support in KS2 for SATs.

How much time would I need to commit?

Many of our tutors just teach for an hour a week, either after school or at the weekend. Some, of course do more than that and we’re happy to fit around our teachers’ daytime commitments.

Where are the kids tutored?

Our teachers tutor in Ely and surrounding areas, in the parents’ home, so you don’t need to be set up to tutor at your home.

Do I need to follow a teaching plan?

All our tuition is tailored to our pupils’ needs. The goal’s are agreed with parents but as a qualified teacher, you set the activities to achieve the goals and fill the gaps for each pupil.

What do other tutors say?

Our teachers who work as tutors in Ely area all say how rewarding one-to-one tuition is. Working with children, addressing their individual needs, enables you to actually teach. Seeing the results, is great and so much more immediate than whole class teaching. What’s fabulous is hearing the feedback from school too, when the extra work and skills are transferred to school.


If you’d like to have a no-obligation chat with Rachel, please feel free to call her on 01223 858421 or email her or check out the page on the Tutor My Kids website