Guide to the best FREE online educational resources

Here is our guide to the best free online education resources. We have included resources suitable for children from primary school up to A level, as well as resources for university students and adult learners.

Whether you are a parent who wants to support their child’s learning or a student studying for exams, this guide is for you!

  1. TED-ed

On TED-ed you will find a wealth of lessons created by teachers and turned into animated films. These short films are useful for children of any age and those revising for exams.

You can sort the videos by age range and subject to find what you need. For example, if your child is interested in engineering and they are at primary school they can browse this selection of fabulous engineering films. Films are perfect for building on children’s existing interests or igniting enjoyment in a new subject.

2. It’s Okay To Be Smart

It’s Okay To Be Smart is a science channel on YouTube created by knowledgeable scientist, Joe Hanson. Joe is keen to inspire children to share his passion for exploring science and nature.

Children will find everything here from short documentaries on ‘butt-tickling ants’ and ‘death-eating scavengers’ to films showing elephants living in communities and caring for their young just like people.

There are films that answer children’s big questions such as, ‘Why do we dream?’ and ‘What is nothing?’ We think Joe successfully builds on children’s natural curiosity.

3. National Geographic Kids

We love the National Geographic Kids website. Although it is a paid magazine there are fabulous, free resources on the website that support children’s learning in geography, science and nature. There are quizzes, fact files, films, competitions and games galore.  Check out these bitesize facts about the Great Fire of London and this quiz about comets and meteors as examples.

The website is also brilliant for supporting primary-aged children with learning at home. Under the primary resources tab on the menu bar there are activities and films to help children with every subject from science and maths to phonics and history.

This is an engaging resource which brings learning to life for children – and adults – of all ages. The whole family can learn and discover together.

4. Primary Homework Help

Whatever subject or topic your child is studying at school, they are likely to find support on Primary Homework Help. This is not a fancy website, instead it simply provides key information. Information is clearly written for children to understand and is presented in bite-sized chunks.

Sometimes all a child needs is a straightforward answer to a burning question and they will be able to find it here. Have a look at Why do we have night and day? as an example.

5. National Numeracy Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge is a website for adults who want to improve their maths. Whether you would like to become better at managing your finances or you want to be able to help your child with their homework – this is the resource for you!

We recommend the National Numeracy Challenge for students who are studying subjects other than maths, but who need to improve their maths skills to support the subject they are studying. The website is also brilliant for teachers and tutors whose specialist subject is not maths – especially those teaching at primary school level.

This resource makes acquiring essential skills enjoyable and can bring a real sense of achievement.

6. Get Revising and Revision World

Get Revising contains a wealth of revision materials and tools across a range of subjects from GCSE to university level. The website aims to make revising fun and we think it succeeds. Using the interactive tools to make notes and plan revision helps students to feel in control of their learning schedule which fosters a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Students can also share resources with others on the site.

Revision World is another revision tool suitable for GCSE and A Level students. The materials here are high-quality and written by a team of education experts.

We recommend checking both websites and choosing the one that suits you best.

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