Online tuition has been a complete game-changer.

Online Tuition

Before lock-down, I’d been very reticent about online teaching – feeling that it was of a lesser quality to the ‘gold-standard’ of face-to-face tuition. However, I’ve now found myself completely sold on this new way of working.

Firstly, it must be said that our already amazing tutors have been nothing short of stunning, delivering superb lessons for our students, using the latest software and screen-sharing options. I think this is working well for the following reasons:

  • Many students are very happy online and we find they are more focused on the tutor, so more intensive work is completed.
  • Our tutors report that students are fully ready for them at the appointed time, meaning that they get more tuition in the allotted time.
  • We’re able to put the tutor best suited to work with the student, rather than the very best tutor who can travel to them.
  • Our tutors can help more students overall because they’re travelling less, so can deliver more lessons.

However, face-to-face tuition is still a great option for many students and with the appropriate social distancing is continuing to work well. In fact, for some students, for example, students who are out of school for health or behaviour reasons (alternative provision) it’s often the only option that will work effectively.

Whilst we don’t know if we’ll be faced with a national or multiple local lock-downs, moving forward, it’s reassuring for us at Tutor My Kids to know that we can accommodate most options.

If you’re considering getting a tutor for your child, please take a look at our For Parents page and check out our client testimonials.

If you’re a teacher who is interested in becoming a tutor for Tutor My Kids, please take a look at our For Tutors page and our tutor testimonials.

Mind the

From September this year, there will be a new curriculum
in our schools.

Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, warned there
could be some difficulties with maths, where more advanced topics are to be
taught at a younger age.
“In maths
you need to learn the early concepts before you learn the later concepts, so
there is a problem that there will be children who have not learned the earlier
concepts before being expected to learn the more demanding ones.”
Mr Hobby said
that there would have to be “a lot of cramming in maths this year” as
whole classes are made to catch up with the new demands. “The worst thing
you can do with maths is rush ahead.”
On 1st
September, he spoke on Radio 4’s Today programme and said that children could develop
gaps in their understanding, particularly in maths due to this need to rush ahead
with new learning without being assimilated.
 At Tutor My Kids, we agree. Maths is very
sequential; children need to understand one concept before they can move onto
another.  Unless this is done, children
develop gaps in their knowledge which make it really hard, if not impossible to
move on and learn new topics. E.g. If your child doesn’t understand that the 1
in 14 is really a 10, they’re going to find it impossible to grasp
hundreds.  The good news is that maths
tuition to fill gaps is very effective 
filling these gaps and enabling your child to move on.

 If you would like to discuss any of these issues, please
contact Rachel Law through the Tutor My Kids website. w