Exam Preparation… The Final Day

So you’ve done all the revision and practice that you can… but even the most prepared students can feel like there is always more they can do.  Here are some tips and pointers for the day and hours before each exam.

Last minute revision… the day before: 

You now have limited time; try not to cram – focus your attention to specific areas you’ve either not had time to cover, or you feel you are weaker on.  Consider each topic’s weighting in the course and prioritise.

Be realistic; are you going to be able to learn 50 formulas in a few hours, or would your time be better spent learning 3 key formulas which are more likely to be assessed.

Make a cheat sheet with key details which you can either test yourself on or continue to learn – this is good for dates, formula’s, names.  Keep it brief so you can keep reviewing it throughout the day.

Take another look at any topics you still don’t feel comfortable with; reviewing for a final time may just be what you need for it to sink in.

Get organised:

Double check where you are meant to be, and at what time!  The last thing you need is to turn up at the wrong place, or at the wrong time.

Double check what you are able to take into the exam with you (and what you can’t); pack everything you need together so it is easy to access when you arrive.

Get some rest:

Even though you may be feeling the pressure now, make sure you still take breaks from studying.

Try and relax and get an early night, if you feel like you still have preparation to do, set your alarm to get up early.  Your brain will be better prepared to study after a good sleep and the benefit’s will be greater than studying when you are tired.

Eat and drink.

Be on time:

Turn up early, where possible.  Having a last minute stress being stuck in traffic, or your bus being late won’t help you focus when you arrive.

Now you’re on time, there is a chance for you to talk to your friends, however try not to discuss too much about the exam!  There may be things that they know and you don’t and vice-versa and discussion without the opportunity to review and clarify what is correct may cause panic and confusion.  Not what you need just before the exam.  Stand by yourself and stay calm if you find it helps to stay focused.

In the exam room:


Remember your preparation (reading questions carefully, allocating time etc).

Do your best, and relax!