Reasons to home school

There are many reasons that parents choose to home school their children. Education can be child-led – there’s no requirement to follow the national curriculum in the UK.  You can work with your child’s biological clock, which is really handy for teenagers.  Children can ask questions as they go along, rather than being put off putting up a hand in class. And 1 to 2 hours a day of one-to-one tuition is felt to be the equivalent of a days schooling.

Help and support

There are plenty of people who will tell you that it’s the wrong thing to do. Many cite lack of socialising as reasons not to do it. However there is great support out there to put you in touch with other families who are home schooling, such as Education Otherwise, who can put you in touch with other parents to share experiences and help each other out.

What if you lack the right skills?

Not having the right skills can be a worry for parents, especially as kids get older. Many parents are able to tackle some subjects to GCSE or A level but rarely all of them. Organisations such as Education Otherwise are great at putting parents in touch with each other for support, but also to share the teaching. Maybe you can teach English and a local parent the maths? Families can get help from tutors who can work one-to-one with students to help, especially with exam preparation.

Exam arrangements

If you want your children to sit GCSEs and A levels, you will need to follow the exam syllabus. The new GCSEs are very different from the old ones, and need different skills.  Taking the exams can be arranged privately  – AQA and other boards have detail on their websites. Private tuition is something which can be really useful at this point to ensure effective understanding of the new GCSE and A level syllabuses, but also for the all important help with exam technique. Many a mark can be picked up through a good understanding of the marking scheme.

Get in touch

At Tutor My Kids, our teachers who tutor in Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket, St Ives and Huntingdon, support students in many ways, and our teachers we have daytime availability to support home educated students. For more info on Tutor My Kids, please click the link, email Rachel or call her on 01223 858421 for an informal chat.