How can I help my kids with maths?


How can I help my kids with their maths?

At Tutor My Kids we regularly get asked by parents looking for home tuition in Cambridge, Ely and Newmarket how they can help their children with their maths.

Times Tables are key…

Generally if children know their multiplication tables, this helps enormously because they are at the root of much of the numeracy that children do. 
Often kids can count in 2s, 5s etc. 2, 4, 6, 8…but are unable to say that 2×7=14. It’s therefore essential that children can recall their multiplication facts spontaneously. At home you can help by helping your children to practice them by simple tests, games and regular recall.

Work them into word problems for your kids…

Helping your children to use their maths facts in real life situations is invaluable in helping to develop their mathematical reasoning and mental maths skills.
Linking problems to the related division facts (If we how 7×6=42, then we know that 42/7 =6) is also essential to developing the core skills of maths. e.g. I’ve got 55g of spaghetti left in the packet. I need 20g per person. Have I enough for 4 people?

Best of all get your kids to solve real problems…

This is what I call ‘kitchen table maths’
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