The Easy Way to Multiply

This is really interesting. It shows a Japanese way of multiplying numbers together which is very visual and also illustrates place value pretty well too.

It’s arguably slower that a standard compact multiplication method for a student who knows their multiplication tables, but has merit for those who don’t. It also has merit for more visual learners and can be used to promote maths understanding for those who have difficulties understanding maths and those with dyscalculia.

Our maths tutors in Cambridge and Ely find that those children who have difficulties in maths benefit from learning in ways which are highly practical (kinesthetic) and visual in addition to the usual auditory.

Tutor My Kids is always on the look out for great qualified teachers to work as English and maths tutors in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket and Huntingdon. We work with children from 5 to 18.

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What to ask the teachers

Autumn term consultations are more often more about more pastoral issues, such as settling in, friendship issues, especially at primary school.
It is worth asking, at this point in the year, how your child is doing academically, especially if their report from the previous academic year in July was showing them behind where they could or should be, for their age.
At Tutor My Kids, we have had some conversations with parents where their first consultation of the year was very positive and they were only aware of problems when the July reports came out. It’s much easier to tackle these things earlier in the year, if possible.

What school can do to help

School, of course, has a responsibility to do the best for your child, but within a class of 30, it can be difficult to give your child the individual attention they need. School can set differentiated work (work set at the right level for your child) in class.  Ask if they can work with a teaching assistant. Are there intervention groups that they can join?

What can I do at home?

And, of course, equally importantly, ask what you can do at home to help. It’s amazing what 5 or 10 mins a day can achieve with reading, times table practice, etc.

Many parents struggle to find the time and/or don’t have the skills needed to support their children at home. Tutor My Kids provides teachers who work as private tutors in Ely, Cambridge, Huntington and Newmarket. Take a look at How much difference can an hour a week really make?

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