Are_you_a_teacher_who_feels you’re no_longer_spending enough_time_teaching?

Why Did you Go into Teaching?

Did you go into teaching to work with children and see them blossom? Do you enjoy those ‘light bulb’ moments when they understand? Do you feel amazing when you know you’ve made that difference? Do you love sharing those wonderful moments? Do you want to work with people like that? Do you want to be responsible for your work? Do you love it when someone says ‘Thank you for teaching my child?’

Yes, us too. 

One-to-one teaching gives you just that.

Tutor My Kids is a small, welcoming company based in Ely. We help families by arranging private tuition for students who have fallen behind. We offer high quality, tailored tuition, in the students’ homes, after school and at weekends and occasionally have daytime tuition too. Our clients are based across Cambridgeshire.

Our clients are fabulous, positive, thoughtful, straightforward, carefully-vetted people who want to help their children for all the right reasons – to help them regain their confidence, catch-up and reach their full potential. Many of our parents and carers recommend us to their friends and colleagues so our business grows steadily and organically; we don’t advertise for new clients.

Our teachers are just amazing. We have a greatly valued team of fantastic, enthusiastic, respected, committed and motivated teachers who love what they do.

We have the most demand for English, maths and science tuition, at all levels – primary and secondary, through to A level, but sometimes our students don’t fit into the standard boxes. We often need primary teachers who are also able to teach year 7-9 maths and/or English. GCSE. A level teachers area also in demand.

Take a look at Thank you for teaching my child and How do I become a private tutor

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Tutor My Kids is committed to safer recruitment.