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Tutor My Kids is different from many agencies, so we’re probably a bit biased, but this is our thoughts why tutors and teachers can benefit from using the right agency to find students.

At Tutor My Kids, the vast majority of our private tutors are fully qualified teachers. Working in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket and Ely, our tutors teach at the students’ homes. So we think it’s really important to visit our clients personally.

Student and Parent Visits

We always meet with the student and their parents/carers in their homes in Cambridgeshire. Doing this achieves 2 key things. Firstly, it enables us to check that there’s a good place for tutoring to occur – a kitchen or dining room table, to allow space to work and set the right tone for tuition. We always suggest a ground-floor, family friendly area. It’s one of our safeguarding criteria. Secondly, by meeting the child in the parent’s home, we have a really good idea of the home ethos and culture which means we have a great idea of which of our tutors will fit in well with that. That means that when you meet the student and their parents, you can be pretty sure you’ll get along.


In many cases, we’re able to do some assessment with our students, so the tutor already has a starting point for the tuition. Invariably, this information is supplemented by information from the child’s class or subject teacher, with the parent’s permission. We also think that it’s important to play to the tutor’s strengths.

We match your skills and preferences to our clients

We’re a small agency, with local knowledge, which means that we know all our tutors personally. We know which of our primary school teachers prefer to teach maths rather than literacy, which ones are happy with both. We know which of our maths tutors prefer to tutor the stronger and which prefer the weaker students. We know how far our tutors are happy to travel and accommodate this. We have the view that if the teacher is tutoring what they want, where they want, when they want, it all runs smoothly. Add onto this a great personality match between student and tutor and we’ve got a winning formula.

We stay in touch with the tutor and client all the way through the process.

Rachel’s favourite bit of her job is talking to our clients and tutors to see how well the tuition is going.  Everyone likes to feel valued and we love to hear how well the tutoring is going. Having an agency to talk to means that any potential problems can be headed off too. The vast majority of the time, our clients and our tutors in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket and Huntingdon, say how well we match our clients and tutors. In fact, only the other day, Rachel made a first call to a new client to see how the first session of tutoring had gone and the feedback was, ‘You couldn’t have found us a better tutor, Rachel.’ It’s not unusual to hear our tutors say, ‘All our clients are fabulous.’

Won’t I lose part of my fees?

At Tutor My Kids we pay our teachers a good hourly rate and our tutors keep all of it. We think it’s important for the tutor to be able to focus on their students, so we invoice the client and pay the tutor, to avoid the awkwardness of the tutor having to ask to be paid.

5 great reasons to join Tutor My Kid as a private tutor in Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket and Huntingdon areas.

So, good rates of pay, keen, well matched students, with Rachel having visited their home first of all, some assessment often done and the support of an organisation to bounce ideas off as the tuition progresses. What’s not to like? For an informal chat, please call Rachel on 01223 858421 or email Rachel to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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What is it that we do that is so very different?

Well I think, as ever, it’s rarely one thing, but a combination of several things which together form something quite incredible.

We’re small and local

Founded in 2011 by Rachel Law, a teacher and mum, we’re based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

We know all our tutors personally, so we know their background and experience. We know what they’re good at and what they’re really great at! We talk with them regularly and we’re one big team.

Our tutors are amazing

We have amazing tutors. We are pretty picky – with a few exceptions, all our tutors are qualified teachers. Teachers have the curriculum experience and years of experience to understand how to get that information across to students with a huge variety of different learning styles. It’s what teachers do day in, day out; it’s our stock in trade.

Our teachers have the academic underpinning and understanding to know which learning blocks build information and how to rebuild the missing ones.

If you’re a teacher who’d like to find out about Becoming a Tutor My Kids tutor, click the link, email Rachel or call Rachel Law on 01223 646421 for a friendly and informal chat.

Our clients are amazing

We have great clients who simply want to give their children more confidence in their learning. We’re blessed with appreciative clients who are generous enough to recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family.

For more information about Tutor My Kids or private tuition in Cambridgeshire, please click the links.

For us, it’s personal

Rachel visits all our clients in their home to ensure that we understand what is needed academically, but also to get a feel for how the student learns and which tutors would be the best fit for your family and child. Rachel also interviews all our teachers personally, face-to-face. We feel that the personality fit between tutor and student is equally important. As a primary school teacher, Rachel is also able to assess many of our students to understand where their strengths lie and discover areas where we can help to improve understanding and confidence.

We’re joined-up

With our clients permission, we liaise with the student’s class or subject teacher to supplement the information from the initial assessment. Our clients are invariably hugely supportive of their child’s teachers, but just feel that the teacher can’t devote the one-to-one time to their child that they’d like. Many parents worry that the teacher may be ‘put out’ if they get a tutor. This couldn’t be further from the truth; all teachers want the best for all their pupils and almost without exception are just delighted that the pupil is getting some extra help to support them.

We stay in touch

Our tutors feedback to our parents after each session to explain how it’s gone – what’s been good, what needs more work etc. In addition, Rachel stays in touch with our parents and tutors too throughout the tutoring, to ensure that it’s all going to plan and helping out with any issues or concerns.

We love seeing great results

We’re all hard-wired to love seeing great results from the tuition  – it’s one of Rachel’s greatest joys –  The best bit of my job! We just love helping people to thrive and giving kids confidence.

We’re positive

All our teachers are positive, upbeat people who bring a ray of light with them. They’re a joy to have around and without doubt this rubs off on to our pupils and their families.

What makes us brilliant?

So, I think it’s being small enough to know our tutors and clients well, having amazing, positive teachers who bring a rush of energy and positivity with them. It’s joining up with schools so we have the fullness picture we can of the student’s needs, keeping our clients up to date with progress and loving seeing kids learn, thrive and gain confidence. And feeding back to our parents.












Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach

TutorMyKids private tutor

I’m so grateful for this amazing testimonial from one of our amazing teachers who tutors in Ely.

‘Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach – to make a difference in children’s learning and confidence, and see them progress.  As a senior manager for the last twelve years of my full time career, I got further and further away from the children and deeper and deeper into paperwork about why they weren’t progressing fast enough. Each child is an individual, has different needs and responds to different learning styles. The pupils I work with through TutorMyKids all benefit from a plan that I design specifically for them and deliver on a 1:1 basis. I see them progress and gain confidence through small steps – and realise that what I am doing is making that difference. Being a tutor with TutorMyKids is so rewarding – I have regained confidence in my teaching ability, working with delightful children and parents who enjoy seeing their children progress.’

I think this hits the nail on the head of why so many teachers are leaving the classroom and looking at other ways in which they can use their years of teaching experience in a way that is valued, that is acknowledged, has freedom and autonomy, enables teachers to do a great job (and feel like they are) and make a difference to pupils.

To get in touch, please email Rachel Law hello@tutormykids.co.uk or call her on 01223 858421
Look forward to hearing from you!

Are_you_a_teacher_who_feels you’re no_longer_spending enough_time_teaching?

Why Did you Go into Teaching?

Did you go into teaching to work with children and see them blossom? Do you enjoy those ‘light bulb’ moments when they understand? Do you feel amazing when you know you’ve made that difference? Do you love sharing those wonderful moments? Do you want to work with people like that? Do you want to be responsible for your work? Do you love it when someone says ‘Thank you for teaching my child?’

Yes, us too. 

One-to-one teaching gives you just that.

Tutor My Kids is a small, welcoming company based in Ely. We help families by arranging private tuition for students who have fallen behind. We offer high quality, tailored tuition, in the students’ homes, after school and at weekends and occasionally have daytime tuition too. Our clients are based across Cambridgeshire.

Our clients are fabulous, positive, thoughtful, straightforward, carefully-vetted people who want to help their children for all the right reasons – to help them regain their confidence, catch-up and reach their full potential. Many of our parents and carers recommend us to their friends and colleagues so our business grows steadily and organically; we don’t advertise for new clients.

Our teachers are just amazing. We have a greatly valued team of fantastic, enthusiastic, respected, committed and motivated teachers who love what they do.

We have the most demand for English, maths and science tuition, at all levels – primary and secondary, through to A level, but sometimes our students don’t fit into the standard boxes. We often need primary teachers who are also able to teach year 7-9 maths and/or English. GCSE. A level teachers area also in demand.

Take a look at Thank you for teaching my child and How do I become a private tutor

Want to find out more?

Take a look at our website or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 for a no-obligation, friendly, informal chat or get in touch via email hello@tutormykids.co.uk

Tutor My Kids is committed to safer recruitment.


We’re_hiring_teachers to_work_one_to_one with_students_in_Cambridge.


We’re delighted to announce that we’re hiring again.

Our clients are fabulous – brilliant people who want to help their kids understand things better and have more confidence in school.  They very kindly recommend us to their friends and colleagues, which means we need more fabulous teachers to work with our amazing clients.

Qualified teachers needed.

If you’re a qualified teacher in Cambridge with recent teaching or tutoring experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Primary Teachers

With the new curriculum changes, we’ve clients who want to help their kids be secure with all the new curriculum demands.

Maths, English and Science especially.

Most of our demand, at secondary level, is for GCSE and A level Maths, English and Science teachers in Cambridge, but we do also have call for other subjects and other areas in Cambridgeshire.

Teachers needed after school and occasionally daytime.

Most of our clients want tuition in Cambridge after school, but occasionally daytime tuition is available with private clients and local schools.

How do I apply or find out more?

Please take a look at our tutors page or call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 for an informal chat.

To apply please email your CV to hello@tutormykids.co.uk


Are you one of the 50% of all teachers who are thinking of leaving teaching in the next 2 years?  

Teachers leaving teaching to become private tutors in Ely, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket.
Teachers leaving teaching to become private tutors in #Ely, #Cambridge, #Newmarket and Huntingdon.

Half of teachers are considering leaving teaching due to workload and work/life balance.

This was the statistic that was highlighted from a YouGov pol in a recent Guardian article. Most due to work load (61%) and then work/life balance (57%). Research from Department of Education, says that teachers are working up to 60 hours a week. I think unless you’re in a profession, or know someone well who is, this is a lost statistic. Many people still see the long holidays and short days that children are in the classroom, overlooking the planning, marking and assessment that eats into evenings, weekends and holidays.  I was talking recently to a friend who’s a teacher in #Ely and she says that she’s never known it so bad, in terms of paperwork, pressure and expectations.

Transferable skills

Many teachers are being lost entirely from the profession, with good transferable skills into other professions and businesses, but there are teachers who are choosing not to lose their teaching skills and are working differently.

Work Differently

Many teachers are addressing their work/life balance and choosing to work differently. Some are opting for part-time teaching, supply teaching and/or private tutoring.

Private Tutoring – daytime or evening

At Tutor My Kids, we see many teachers who are or have changed the way they’re working. We’ve recently had a head teacher join us who is loving teaching kids against, whilst still maintaining her skills and delivering training to teachers too. She’s reporting much higher job satisfaction and work/life balance. We’ve a number who combine supply teaching with tutoring and a number of deputy head teachers who are combining tutoring with young family commitments. Some of our teachers want to tutor in the evenings so they’re around daytime for pre-school children, others prefer daytime tuition. We’re working with schools in Cambridgeshire, providing daytime tutors for students who can’t assess classroom tuition – alternative provision, which suits some of our tutors in Cambridge really well.

Do you want to know more?

If you’re wondering if you could change the way you teach, take a look at How to become a private tutor or give Rachel a call on 01223 858421 to discuss becoming a private tutor in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket, Cambourne and Huntingdon areas.



Why do teachers teach? Why do tutors tutor?

Why do teachers teach? Why do tutors tutor?

We’ve been talking to our teachers and tutors in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket and Huntingdon recently. To those of us in education, the answers seem obvious.

There are so many teachers who are stretched to the limit by planning, reports, assessment which make the hours excessively long – with many teachers working over 60 hours a week.

Yes, teachers get long holidays – in theory, but much of these are spent planning and preparing, so most teachers tend to get, in reality, about the same holidays as an average UK employee.

So why do teachers teach and tutors tutor?

When we talk to our maths and English tutors in Cambridge, they always say the same things – HELPING CHILDREN learn. There are few things to compare with the satisfaction of seeing a child understand something – to see the light bulb go on. Sometimes this can be a quick bright flash, sometimes a slow, steady glow which becomes a bright light.

The other thing that our fantastic teachers in Cambridgeshire say is CONFIDENCE. They love to see the increase in confidence and self-esteem when they are working with children; it is just so rewarding.

I was talking to a maths tutor in Cambridge, this week. She was just buzzing with the satisfaction of seeing her student’s confidence rise as he started to understand concepts that he had previously found baffling.

Tutor My Kids is always on the look out for great qualified teachers to work as maths and English tutors in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket and Huntingdon. We work with children from 5 to 18.

Please contact us via www.tutormykids/for-tutors for more information and details of how to get in touch to discuss how this might fit in with your existing teaching commitments.


4 Reasons to Become a Home Tutor and Why #3 is so Special.

Being a home tutor is one of the most popular jobs
in Britain, with 1 in 4 UK school children now using a private tutor. Figures
show the
number of private tutors outnumbers the NHS, solicitors and teachers.

Ipsos Mori
calculated there were 1.5 million people who earn money from teaching pupils
outside school. In contrast, there are 442,000 full-time teachers, 370,000
nurses and 118,000 solicitors in England and Wales. An estimated 24 per cent of
pupils have used a tutor over the last year, with that figure rising to 40 per
cent in London.
The industry is
booming and there’s never been as much demand for tutors in the UK. More and
more teachers and university graduates are choosing to work as private tutors
and, after speaking to 30+ private tutors, here a few common reasons why we
think that is:
– an average hourly rate of £20 per hour with low overheads, although
qualified teachers can often command more based on their skills.
“I started tutoring after getting my degree as a teacher
to get extra money in a job that fitted around my teaching hours.  However, I’m now in a much better situation
financially but have carried on Tutoring because I enjoy it so much!” Laura
Flexibility – tutoring
generally takes place after the school day has finished and at weekends, so
fits around other commitments
My reason for
becoming a home tutor was really family based. I had left my full time job as a
teacher after having my son and needed a job that would work around supply
teaching and family life. This fits the bill perfectly!” Kelly
Personally Rewarding – Home tutoring
can be hugely rewarding in terms of seeing students achieve their potential.
 “I feel valued and trusted and empowered – all
the things that I didn’t feel when I worked in main-stream education”. 
I did not
realise that I would become such a part of each family! Connecting with the
mums (and dads) and speaking about their hopes and aspirations for their
children is touching and can be very emotional on both sides.” Kelly
“I love being a home
tutor! The parents make me feel valued and part of the family and it is a joy
to spend time with the students. Even when they are having a bad day I feel I
can make a difference”
made education
– providing the opportunity to make
education fun and engaging again.
Working 1:1 it’s
possible to make lessons more fun and interesting and targeted. It gives the
child the chance to focus on the activity without distraction and to ask
“Working with just one
student means I can plan tailor-made lessons, create diverse differentiated
learning materials and suddenly change my lesson plan to meet the student’s
immediate needs.”
Sounds like the
sort of rewarding work you might be interested in? So how do you go about
getting started, it can be quite daunting, as one of our tutors said “Thinking
about it was more stressful than beginning!” There is currently no official
accreditation for home educators in the UK, so how qualified a tutor should be
is generally at the discretion of students and parents using the services. At Tutor My Kids, over 90% of our
tutors are qualified teachers, although occasionally we recruit great graduates
with the right skills.
We also carry
out DBS Checks on all our tutors. DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service
and has taken over from CRB checks following the merger of the Criminal Records
Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) in June last
So if you’re a
teacher, with experience of planning and teaching the UK curriculum, and are friendly
and approachable with a genuine interest in motivating younger people (or know
someone who is) then you’re just who
we’re looking for.
Please email or call us (details below) to find out more about how becoming a
home tutor could work for you.
My Kids – www.tutormykids.co.uk


Phone           – 01223 858421

Tutor My Kids is Expanding and Taking on More Teachers


Monday 15th
October 2012

Cambridge and Ely
based business, Tutor My Kids, is expanding and taking on more teachers in Cambridge and Ely

Tutor My Kids is an Ely based business which over the last
year has seen a massive demand for its services. Parents are contacting Tutor
My Kids to arrange home tuition, in the comfort and safety of their own home,
for their children who need a bit of extra help to stop them getting left
behind with their school work.

“We’re experiencing unprecedented demand for our services at
the moment and are delighted to be able to recruit primary and secondary school
teachers (especially math, English and science) to work in the evenings and
weekends in our clients’ homes in Cambridge and Ely,” explains Rachel Law,
Director. “Demand for primary school teachers in Cambridge and Ely is high as
well as for secondary maths, science and English teachers.”

“Everyone is having to cut back a bit and think about
additional ways to earn money; this is a great opportunity for teachers across
the county to do something truly rewarding at the same time as earning some extra

Teachers should send their C.V.s to Rachel Law via www.tutormykids.co.uk or call for an
informal chat on 01223 858421.