Dyscalculia Screening Test & Assessment Service in Cambridgeshire

Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty regarding mathematics. It is estimated that between 3-6% of the population has developmental dyscalculia, and it is likely to affect both boys and girls. Children who suffer with Dyscalculia often struggle with difficulty in recognising number patterns, telling the time, money and estimating logically.

A key indicator for dyscalculia is children (or adults) who are unable to instantly recognise numbers of objects, for example five counters. If the child is unable to instantly recognise five counters without counting, testing for dyscalculia could be extremely beneficial. This is called subitising.

Does my child have dyscalculia? gives further information on indicators that dyscalculia may be present

Dyscalculia screening can help to spot those children who need extra help to in overcoming difficulties in their learning. Our tutors our experienced in working with children with both dyscalculia and dyslexia, we can aid their learning by focussing on developing and strengthening their mathematics skills.

If you would like further information regarding dyscalculia or the dyscalculia screening test and assessment service we provide, please contact Rachel Law for a friendly, informal chat on 01223 858421 or email to register your interest here.


We are able to do the dycalculia and dyslexia screenings remotely now. 

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