Activities for World Calligraphy Day

It’s World Calligraphy Day on Wednesday 16th August. The aim of this day is to get more people interested in the ancient and beautiful art of calligraphy! Calligraphy dates back thousands of years, and it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it started. In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics were a form of early calligraphy, dating back to […]

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Dinosaur Day activities for all the family

The 1st of June is Dinosaur Day, which is a great opportunity for everyone to build their knowledge of the prehistoric creatures that capture all our imaginations. We’re excited to share this list of fantastic (and local) dino days out, plus the best dinosaur-themed books, films, and activities to keep children busy not just on […]

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Can garden football games improve academic achievement?

It’s the Women’s FA Cup Final! Did you know there’s a strong link between physical activity, fresh air, having fun and academic achievement? Here we share some interesting evidence, plus some garden football games you can play with family and friends. How can garden football games improve academic achievement? There are many factors that impact […]

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