Testimonials from our clients in Cambridgeshire.

Testimonials from our wonderful clients about our amazing private tutors in Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon and Newmarket. Thank you for taking the time to pass on this great feedback.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the support you have given my son in the lead up to his GCSE English tests. At the start of this process he was predicted a 4, and I think that with his sessions, he is now hoping to get a solid 5 or even a 6.

Thanks again to the team, you have made a big impact on my son, during what has been an already difficult period.”

Mrs D
June 2021

“Thank you so much for all of your help, especially over the last 7 or so weeks (I’ve lost track!)  when things have been so difficult for everyone and I’ve been horribly ad hoc with Fraser’s tutoring sessions – I’m very grateful for your patience.  I feel incredibly fortunate, and I hope Fraser does too, that he’s had some amazing tutors to spend time on 1:1 teaching with him.  His sessions have been welcome moments of normality and self-discipline, and I have no doubt of their value to him in many ways.”

Mrs Hay

May 2020

“I would like to reiterate our huge gratitude to Dilek in restoring Emily’s self-confidence in relation to maths. I would highly recommend her.”

Mrs Walter

March 2020

“We have been working with Joanna now for almost three years; when we started my daughter was over a year behind with reading writing and comprehension.   Our challenge was the school was slow to highlight her falling behind her peers and when we found out at the end of year three, the gap was significant and my daughter felt slow and stupid compared to her friends.

School assessed her as dyslexic in year four but unilaterally stopped interventions without our knowledge later that year.

Working with Joanna we saw an immediate improvement in her confidence levels and abilities.

Her latest assessment, just before Christmas, she’s now in year six,  showed her as expected in comprehension, above expected in reading and doing ok with writing.

Our greatest joy though is the passion that’s developed in her during this time for reading and story, she is motivated and excited and loves book shopping!

I genuinely attribute this improvement to the support Joanna gives her, she makes the subject matter relevant exciting and stimulation, always coming up with new ideas and ways for my daughter to learn.  Her dedication patience and expertise is amazing and I truly can’t rate her highly enough.

It’s not too grand to say she’s changed my daughter’s life because from my viewpoint and my daughter’s, it’s true.

Joanna has made a long-lasting and positive impact which we’ve seen today reflected in the results my daughter gets at school but which perhaps most importantly will last a lifetime.”

Mrs Masters

Feb 2020

“Katie’s patience and positive attitude have enabled our daughter to gain more confidence in maths.  The influence that Katie’s encouragement has extends well beyond the weekly tutoring session and into daily school life.  Our daughter looks forward to the tutoring sessions which is a testament to the quality of Katie’s tutoring and her ability to engage with her students.”

Mrs Ramsdale

August 2019

“Katie has been a pleasure to welcome into our home. She has so gently and kindly seen us through some very difficult family times. Ruby has benefited in confidence with her school work and even when her little life has be fragile she has always wanted Katie to keep coming. Katie is so professional, kind, intuitive and an extremely talented teacher who has worked very closely with Ruby to great effect. Everyone needs a Katie in this arsenal when anyone needs some extra support.”


August 2019

“Katie Brawn has tutored my son in KS2 maths and English.  She has a positive but no-nonsense attitude which delivers results, but also manages to make learning enjoyable.  She has great attention to detail and is always happy to go the extra mile for the benefit of her student.”

Mum of Son & Daughter, Harlton

August 2019

“Jacqueline is a brilliant tutor that has the ability to be able to communicate well with my son and therefore, keep him engaged at the lessons. She has given him the confidence he lacked with his maths. Thank you.”


July 2019

“Sue has been great with our son whilst tutoring him for maths and formed a lovely, comfortable relationship with him. We saw a huge improvement in his understanding and approach to the subject which has always been a difficult subject for him. There was never a time that Cameron didn’t want to do a session and Sue always looked at the best way of getting the different areas of Maths across, in a way that Cameron would understand.

We will miss her visits, especially Baxter, the dog!”


July 2019

“Rachel is a brilliant tutor.  Our son has benefitted so much from her excellent tutorials.  Rachel is kind, patient, and listens carefully to understand how best to pitch the shape and tone of each session.

We can see how our son’s confidence and skills have grown over the past few months.  Rachel also has a fantastic sense of humour and she knows exactly when to inject a bit of fun in to her tutorials!

We highly recommend Rachel – a 5 Star Tutor!”

Mum of Son Aged 10, Ely

July 2019

“Lyn was a fantastic tutor for our son. She is calm, friendly, relaxed and so encouraging. Not only did she help massively with my sons understanding of GCSE English Language and Literature, she helped him with revision technique which boosted his confidence massively. Lyn really is a gem and would recommend her 100% for anyone looking for an English tutor.”


June 2019

“Peter has really helped my son with his confidence in Maths as he was doubting his ability. He has spent time going over exam technique and practice papers which has boosted my sons confidence and his ability to sit his GCSE exams this year and limited the stress I know he would have felt without Peters help. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone looking for a Maths tutor.”

Mrs Morris

June 2019

“When looking for a tutor to help our son with English, we were introduced to Rachel via Tutor My Kids.

Rachel is a very good match for him, she is kind, patient and has a lovely personality.  Lesson are always very organised and enjoyable for him and never seem rushed.  While he is still not keen to read, he has progressed greatly over many months with the help and guidance from Rachel.  After each session Rachel takes extra time to feedback on the session, followed by a weekly progress report via email.

It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome Rachel into our home and to see how she has helped our son progress. Thank you.”

Mrs Barnett

June 2019

“Barry has been a great tutor for Danny, who really looks forward to working with Barry every week and whose reading skills have improved noticeably with Barry’s help.”


March 2019

“Excellent service – Very professional and friendly service.”

December 2018

“Very pleased with the quality of tutoring received. The tutor was amazingly encouraging and supportive – wish more teachers in school were the same. Progress was carefully monitored and my son has improved his skills massively as well as his own confidence in those skills. Thank you.”

Mrs Palmer, Littleport

October 2018

“Rachel took time to get to know our daughter and understand her needs. This was clear when the sessions started with the tutor – she was a great match for our daughter – both in personality and methods of communicating maths questions and offering different ways to look at maths which suited the ways my daughter sees number problems. The one-to-one sessions have been invaluable – her confidence has really increased and she’s feeling much happier going into her GCSE year.”

May 2018

“The sessions have helped enormously – and my daughter’s confidence has really improved.”

Mrs Smith, Godmanchester

May 2018

“Our Daughter was struggling at school, a diagnosis of Dyslexia meant she was trapped within the challenges of her condition and was failing at school but more importantly it was affecting her self-esteem, she felt stupid and isolated and became tearful at the prospect of going to school.  She wanted to achieve but couldn’t connect the dots like her peers.

Working with Joanna and Tutor My Kids has enable her to unlock her potential and subsequently made her much happier at school.  The extra weekly support enables her to take better advantage of the in school help as well as providing a chance for her to work 1-2-1 at her own speed.

I cannot recommend Tutor My Kids highly enough.  Joanna, our tutor is inventive, patient and kind at every lesson, she really is bringing the joy back into learning for our daughter.

Whatever the future holds for my daughter I know we’ve given her the best start we could and having the support of Tutor My Kids is in part making this possible.”

Nicola, about her daughters tutor in Soham.

December 2017

“My sons tutor was sensitive to his needs and she really increased his confidence in his written work.”

Julia, about her sons maths tutor in Cambridge.

November 2017

“All we can say is thank you, we are so pleased we found you. Lyn has given Max back his confidence and enthusiasm for English. We can not recommend you highly enough and frequently do. Max now feels happy about his upcoming exams and we all feel confident that he can now do his best.”

Jane, about her sons GCSE English tutor in Ely.

November 2017

“We have loved having our tutor Joanna, you couldn’t of picked a more perfect match. My son loves his sessions and even the homework that is set. She really knows how to get the best out of him and keeping it fun too.”

Maria, about her sons English tutor in Ely.

October 2017

“The tutor is really friendly and approachable which was a relief for my daughter. She quite quickly identified the weak areas and focused on these in addition to help build her confidence. It has been a positive experience.”

Tracey, about her daughter’s maths tutor in Ely.

April 2017

“Tutor My Kids provided an excellent service! We are so grateful for all their help. Our son enjoyed the lessons and he has grown in confidence with regards to his writing, thanks to Sue’s tuition. Sue is a wonderful teacher, very patient and kind. She engages children with lots of positive reinforcement, e.g., reward stickers and achievement certificates (in our case, Minions and Star Wars, which our son loved!). Sue also provided advice and homework, which was very useful. Rachel was very helpful. She provided a home visit for our son to assess his needs and match him to a suitable tutor. Thanks again to Tutor My Kids! We’ll look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Sarah, about her son’s private tutor in Ely.

September 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you and pass on our thanks to Rona for the Chemistry lessons given to May over the last couple of months.  They have already added so much value, she did really well in her mocks and is ecstatic at the progress she already feels she has made.  So thank you, we are so grateful.”

Estelle, about her daughter’s chemistry tutor in Cambridge.

June 2016

“Rachel – I just wanted to put on record what an asset Alyshia is.  She is absolutely fantastic with Mackenzie! He loves his sessions with her and always comes away smiling and, as a result of her input, his confidence has grown considerably.  It is so nice to see him happy again and getting pleasure from learning.  The feedback provided by Alyshia is excellent and she always talks me through everything they have done and her plans for the forthcoming weeks.  The last couple of months have been tough with Mackenzie struggling so much at his old school and eventually changing schools just before Easter, but Alyshia has been so excellent, and it has helped Mackenzie with the transition with the reassurance and consistency that Alyshia has provided.

Nikki, about her son’s private tutor in Huntingdon.

April 2016

“Rona has been a really outstanding tutor to my daughter, Emily, who is studying A level Maths. From the outset, she discussed what Emily specifically wanted to achieve and at the end of each session they are both very clear about progress and next steps. She prepares well for each session & every minute is used well. She continues to challenge Emily, directly querying why she has done something a certain way & checking Emily’s understanding along the way. She is clearly a very knowledgeable person, and she is quietly encouraging in a sincere manner which Emily really appreciates. I have every confidence in her tuition, part of which is revisiting a Maths module which Emily failed at AS level, part now boosting her understanding of teaching alongside her current learning. I know that Rona has liaised with Emily’s Maths teacher by email & this partnership seems to be working well. We have already recommended Tutor My Kids to a friend whose student son is also studying A level Maths. We will continue to have Rona support Emily for an hour a week until her exams. We truly appreciate her expertise and value the huge boost which she has given to Emily’s confidence over the past few months.”

Julian, Ely (about his private maths tutor in Ely)

January 2016

“This is my first experience of tutoring, though I find it hard to imagine how your service could be improved on! Lovely meeting to look at and discuss my child’s needs before a tutor was even selected, very reassuring that this is really about the individual rather than ‘slotting a child in gap in someone’s schedule’. Lesson preparation was brilliant. Clearly a lot of work and thought was put in by our tutor before (creating a lesson plan / schedule) and after (providing robust and thorough feedback). This was in addition to a full lesson, where the pace never felt rushed or overwhelming, yet the learnings were impactful. I was never aware of any clock watching, the lessons were well planned and the tutor took time to recap was covered for me at the end of each session. This is great as provides a stimulus for conversation and allows the lesson to be built on in he coming weeks.”

“Thank you Tutor My Kids, A++!”

Amanda, Huntingdon (about her private tutor in Huntingdon)

October 2015

“We will all miss Sue – she is just so lovely and has done wonders with our son.  He has formed a good relationship with her and actually enjoys maths now (it is now his best subject according to him).

You offer such a fabulous service and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done in enabling this.  I would thoroughly recommend you and will do if the need arises.

I am sure I will be in contact with you again to ask for Sue’s help in the not too distant future as I know the maths curriculum is very demanding.”

Jo, Ely (about their private maths tutor in Ely), October 2015

“Lyn has made the learning process an enjoyable and positive experience for my son to help him improve, not only on his English, but his confidence in general. Lyn has an incredibly positive attitude to his work and finds a way to priase him in the smallest achievement which is much appreciated by us all, thank you.”

Amanda, Ely (about their English tutor in Ely), September 2015

“Dear Rachel, Many, many thanks for organising physics tutorials with Rona for Miriam – it has really helped!!”

Susie, Cambridge (about their science tutor in Cambridge), August 2015

“Rachel sent Lyn to us and she is a really great Tutor. Our daughter has hugely benefited from this lovely ladies engaging teaching style.”

Denise, Cambridge (about their private English tutor in Cambridge), Sept 2015.

“Iain had become very negative about maths but now he has much more confidence. He looks forward to his maths tutor visiting and loves the opportunity to show how much he understands. When he does start to struggle he has someone there to guide him, which means he does not get stuck.”

Fiona, Ely (about their maths tutor in Ely), May 2015

“Lyn has worked very hard to support Drew, and he is really benefiting from her tuition. He enjoys the sessions, respects and likes her and both his progress and confidence have improved greatly.”

Judith, Newmarket (about their English tutor in Newmarket), March 2015

“Tutor My Kids introduced us to a lovely tutor who worked with our son over the past term. Her involvement has made a big impact on his learning and has even sparked an interest in writing and reading with our son – which we don’t think he even realised was there! Promises were always met and communication with the office was pleasant and timely. So thank you very much.”

Mrs A, Cambridge (about their private tutor in Cambridge), July 2014

“We have used Tutor my Kids for 2 years now. It started as a support for one of my children in French and has quickly developed into a tailored service to reinforce either weak spots or areas where my children are ASKING to be pushed further in their education.

Fantastic, tailored, bespoke service to meet the changing needs of my children’s education as they have moved through Primary and Secondary education.

Nice people to deal with, and who have listened and addressed any concerns I may have raised Work hard to match pupil to tutor My children have really seen the value in tutoring and are asking for extra tutoring help i.e. this is not something we, as parents, are pushing on them. I think this is largely down to the positive tutoring experience that Tutor my Kids has created.”

Sandra, Cambridge. (about their private tutors in Cambridge), May 2014

“The Tutor that we have for our daughter is excellent. She is very approachable, friendly and professional. She makes learning fun! We have had our tutor for almost a year and not once has my daughter complained. She looks forward to her sessions and has made a significant improvement. We are very proud of how hard she has worked and also the tutor too!”

Emanda, Ely (about their private tutor in Ely), May 2014

“Thank you Rachel for all your help and matching me with Rona. Rona a BIG thank you to you for your patience, your kindness and understanding and most of all for explaining the problem over and over again until I got it!”

Jess, Ely (about her private tutor in Ely), May 2014

“I contacted Tutor My Kids just before we moved house and a few months before my daughter’s GCSE exams, not only did they manage to arrange a few lessons before we moved but also with a swap to one new tutor immediately after moving. During the period our house move date kept moving and yet Rachel still managed coordinate on-going sessions week to week and when we were not well organised ourselves due to the move. My daughter is not easy to please and yet she has only given positive feedback about the three tutors that have been arranged for her. I highly recommend Tutor My Kids.”

Philip, Cambridge and Ely (about his duaghter’s private tutors in Ely and Cambridge)

“Having missed a big chunk of school due to illness, the prospect of Sam passing any subjects at GCSE was not high. Since beginning with “Tutor My Kids” everything has turned around. From the very first meeting, it was clear how important it was to TMK to find a tutor who would be able to empathise with Sam – to understand his limitations and to see where the gaps in his learning have been. Sam has had 2 maths tutors, both of whom have been brilliant. I was very disappointed when the first tutor left as she had done wonders for Sam’s self-esteem where his learning was concerned. However, the replacement tutor, whilst being totally different, was equally outstanding! The results have been spectacular – going from a predicted E to a predicted B and actually enjoying learning!”

Jenny, Ely (about their private maths tutor in Ely)

“Tutor My Kids was easy to find via their website when I needed additional tuition for my 10 year old son to prepare him for entrance exams for senior school.

A tutor was matched to him that met our criteria while at the same time suiting his personality and the time when we/he was available.

The tutor was (and is) a joy to have visit and our son greatly enjoys his practice with her plus his year 6 teacher has noticed an improvement in his work and he has gone up a maths group.

We are anxious that he does well, gets into the right school for him and reaches his potential. Tutor my kids will hopefully help him do that.”

Janet, Ely (about their private maths tutor in Ely)

“Just over a year ago, I found Tutor My Kids on the internet. I typically liked the ‘look’ of the website and gave them a call.

Rachel was very easy to talk to. Having been a teacher herself she completely understands your needs and is able to offer her expert opinion.

Rachel came to meet us and my son in our home. She spent a little time chatting with him so she could find the right tutor with the right teaching style.

We didn’t need to wait long before we were emailed a profile of our tutor. For one reason or another we have been provided with three tutors from Rachel all have been excellent.

They have been reliable, punctual, enthusiastic, engaging and professional. They never clock watch or are eager to run out the door at the end of a session.

Rachel is in constant contact with your tutor and therefore knows how he is doing. Both Rachel and your tutor are always happy to update you with your child’s progress and will meet with you to discuss this.
My son has improved greatly and feels confident and prepared for his entrance exams.

I would highly recommend Tutormykids to anyone who wants to be reassured that they are getting not only a quality service but quality teachers, all have had they qualifications checked and been personally interviewed by Rachel.
Thank you Tutormykids!”

Robyn, Cambridge. (about their private tutor in Cambridge)

“We are delighted with Isabel’s progress since starting with “Tutor My Kids”. She has gained confidence through the one to one tutoring and has been able to use this along with the resources taught to her, to apply herself better in class. She is now better equipped to understand and keep up with the pace of the lesson when back at school. Being able to cover topics on the National Curriculum with a private tutor and have the topics explained to her at her level of understanding has set her up superbly to cope with the topic when introduced in the classroom. We are very pleased with her progress and could not speak more highly of her tutor or the support we receive from “Tutor My Kids”.”

Verity, Cambridge. (about their private tutor in Cambridge)