GCSE Maths & English Tuition

In many ways your GCSE maths and English will be two of the most important exams you’ll take. A maths and English GCSE at grade 5 and above is now a common requirement for many jobs and further education.  There is increasing pressure from universities for you to secure top grades for admission, so success is crucial.

The new GCSE English and maths grades (1-9) have been awarded since summer 2017, with the other subjects following in 2018.

Ofqual GCSE grade comparison

Home tuition sessions with our qualified private home tutors can prove invaluable. At such a work-heavy stage of education our tutors can relieve the pressure and aid in exam preparation and general organisation. We want you to reach your full potential and a little additional support can go a long way.

Achieving that necessary grade 4 or 5 in maths and English weighs heavy on a lot of students minds and can deter from focusing energy amongst other subjects. Home tuition can relieve some of this pressure whilst enhancing skills, knowledge and understanding. Our tutors have an intimate knowledge of the new marking scheme to help guide you in your exam preparation.

Our tuition sessions all work from your own home, making it as convenient for you as possible. Our tutors can work around your schedule, whether that be after-school, evenings or weekends.

As well as providing GCSE maths & English tuition, we can also arrange for tutors to teach various other subjects including science and languages.

To find out more about who our tutors are and what we can do to help you, please visit our Parents Page.

For more information regarding our GCSE tuition, or for a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel Law on 01223 858421.

“I just wanted to say thank you and pass on our thanks to Rona for the Chemistry lessons given to May over the last couple of months.  They have already added so much value, she did really well in her mocks and is ecstatic at the progress she already feels she has made.  So thank you, we are so grateful.”

Estelle, about her daughter’s chemistry tutor in Cambridge.