Private Maths & English Tutor Jobs In Cambridge & Surrounding Areas

Our Tutors Are AMAZING!

Tutor My Kids consists of a genuinely valued team of fantastic, enthusiastic, respected, committed and motivated tutors who love their jobs and what they do!

Did you go into teaching to see children blossom? Do you enjoy those ‘light bulb’ moments when they understand? Do you love sharing those wonderful times? Do you feel amazing when you know you’ve made that difference? Do you love it when someone says ‘Thank you’?

Yes, us too.

One-to-one teaching gives you just that. Rewarding isn’t it!
We are a small welcoming company helping families in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket, Huntingdon and surrounding areas. All of our private tutors are qualified teachers. We offer high quality, tailored tuition in the students homes after school and at weekends for a range of subjects including maths, English and science. We also support schools in the area with inclusion work, working with excluded students and looked after children.

We attract clients who are looking to help their children for the right reasons; to regain confidence, catch up and to reach their full potential. Many of our clients come to us following recommendations from their friends and family and our business is growing organically.

If you are a qualified teacher who is well driven, can work independently and be responsible for your own work, then we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at Thank you for teaching my child and How do I become a private tutor.

We currently have demand for all teachers, particularly:

  • Maths, English and science tuition
  • Ely, Cambridge and Newmarket
  • SAT’s, Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level teachers are also in demand and we encourage families to start tuition early to prepare for exams rather than leaving it to the last minute.
  • We also receive requests for other subject areas and levels so if you’re interested in working with Tutor My Kids, please do get in touch, you never know what the next family who contact us will need.

Why work with Tutor My Kids? 

  • We have a great reputation and attract fabulous clients!
  • Fuel your passion for teaching and make a difference
  • We offer excellent rates of pay and there are no joining fees

Want to find out more, get in touch with Rachel Law on Tel: 01223 858421 or email.

“Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach – to make a difference in children’s learning and confidence, and see them progress.  As a senior manager for the last twelve years of my full time career, I got further and further away from the children and deeper and deeper into paperwork about why they weren’t progressing fast enough. Each child is an individual, has different needs and responds to different learning styles. The pupils I work with through TMK all benefit from a plan that I design specifically for them and deliver on a 1:1 basis. I see them progress and gain confidence through small steps – and realise that what I am doing is making that difference. Being a tutor with TMK is so rewarding – I have regained confidence in my teaching ability, working with delightful children and parents who enjoy seeing their children progress.”

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