Testimonials about working with Tutor My Kids from our tutors in Cambridgeshire.

We are so proud of our amazing tutors and it’s lovely that they enjoy working with Tutor My Kids so much that they have provided these testimonials to support us… Thank you!

I have now been working with TMK for almost 4 years; I can hardly believe it is that long as I reflect back. 

The first tutee I worked with was just starting Key stage 2 and is now about to move on to secondary school. I have had the privilege of being part of the tutee’s exciting education journey and establishing a good relationship with the family. 

I have worked with a real mix of tutees needing English (language and literature) support, from little ones in Key stage 1, all the way into Key Stage 3 pupils, and students with additional needs. I have also worked with pupils who have been unable to access school, and it has been great to see the interest that a reluctant student can suddenly show working 1-1. 

Most of this has been in the home of the tutees, but latterly it has been virtually, and what a super facility it has proved to be in supporting children during lockdown : exploring novels and authors, poetry or additional things to complement school set work (where it is set).You name it, we do it. The hour always whizzes by and I love the chance to challenge them by using a wealth of materials. 

I most enjoy the chance to work on a one to one basis with children who need gaps in their learning filling in, their confidence boosting, or just time to explore areas that they are uncertain of. 

The team at TMK continue to a match me perfectly with such delightful tutees and their families, and the communication from the admin. side of things makes the paperwork easy to manage. 

Joanna English tutor

KS1-3, June 2020 

Working for Tutor My Kids is an extremely rewarding experience for many reasons.

Firstly, working in their home environment means students are more relaxed and focused, which enables me to build a sound working relationship and have direct contact with their parents / carers.

Personal tutoring also enables me to highlight and focus on topics that the student finds tricky, so I can personalise and differentiate the work to suit the student’s preferred learning style.

Lyn, English

I’ve worked as a completely freelance tutor and also with other agencies and Tutor My Kids have been head and shoulders above either experience – Rachel and her team really work hard to match me with pupils who can benefit most from my expertise and approach. I’ve also been very impressed with their attention to logistics and making sure that I can coordinate the times and locations of my sessions to create a sensible work pattern.

Alison, Maths & English tutor

I am really enjoying tutoring my students 🙂 Both sets of parents have said I am making a real difference which feels great to know! I wish I had more time in the week to tutor more children!

Abi, English tutor

Tutor My Kids are an outstanding agency.  I have a constant stream of work and Rachel Law always finds the right clients for me.  If I need advice about how to help a particular student Rachel is there to support me – it’s an absolute pleasure to work with her!

Claire, English tutor

Working for Tutor My Kids enables me to focus on preparing the best lessons for the pupils without the need to be involved in administrative activities. Consequently, I was able to start tutoring soon after joining TMK. Communication between TMK, the tutor and client is supportive and meaningful; keeping everyone in the loop gives clarity to our lessons. Good matches are made between the child and the tutor, for both subject knowledge and personality.  Teaching one-to-one has been a real privilege, allowing time and focus on the individual.

Jacqueline, maths tutor

I have been working with TMK while teaching in a few lovely local schools. The thing I most enjoy with tutoring is the chance to work on a one to one basis with children who need gaps in their learning filling in, their confidence boosting or just time to explore areas that they are uncertain of. The hour passes so quickly as we are always busy perhaps enjoying texts, poetry, and non-fiction, unpacking a comprehension passage or maybe looking at times tables or money problems. The variety for me as a tutor is great and I love preparing a range of activities that will support each individual child’s learning. Rachel always matches me perfectly with such delightful tutees and their families, and Katrina’s communication as the administrator makes the paperwork side of things very easy to manage.

Joanna, primary tutor

Working for Tutor My Kids has reminded me why I originally wanted to teach – to make a difference in children’s learning and confidence, and see them progress.  As a senior manager for the last twelve years of my full time career, I got further and further away from the children and deeper and deeper into paperwork about why they weren’t progressing fast enough. Each child is an individual, has different needs and responds to different learning styles. The pupils I work with through TMK all benefit from a plan that I design specifically for them and deliver on a 1:1 basis. I see them progress and gain confidence through small steps – and realise that what I am doing is making that difference. Being a tutor with TMK is so rewarding – I have regained confidence in my teaching ability, working with delightful children and parents who enjoy seeing their children progress.

Sue, Maths tutor

I really enjoy working for Tutor My Kids.  I find it really reassuring that Rachel ensures the right client is matched to my teaching strengths and that I can choose how many pupils I would like to work with at any one time.  She really goes out of her way to make sure that the timings of lessons are scheduled to fit around me and that clients are within a reasonable distance for commuting.  It’s so easy to keep in touch about how tuition is progressing and I know I always have her support and help.  I really appreciate that Tutor My Kids gives me the opportunity to do something I love (teaching), whilst then organising all the ‘behind the scenes’ bits for me, so that I can really focus on supporting the pupils in the best possible way.  Rachel has a superb team who help to make sure that everything is organised smoothly and professionally, it is a pleasure to work with them and know that if I’m unsure of anything, I have support and reassurance at the end of the phone or an email.

Katie D, Maths tutor

Tutoring students on a one to one basis can be a highly rewarding experience for the student and their parents. However, it can be equally rewarding for the home tutor.

Providing lessons for students in their home environment enables the student to be relaxed and free from distractions for the whole hour. Consequently, students are able to focus exclusively on the work and practice their skills in a safe environment, which consistently results in high standards of work.  Watching students grow in confidence as they master tricky topics, develop their skills and meet/exceed their school targets is one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of this job.

For me, working as a home tutor has been a liberating experience. Having spent many years teaching large groups of students, I am now able to produce personalised schemes of work, lesson plans and differentiated learning materials, which meet the individual student’s needs, encourage them to engage with learning and demonstrate that learning can be fun.

Lyn, English Tutor

I tutor maths and such is its dominance in the curriculum that if a pupil finds it difficult it not only affects them in the subject lessons but also how they feel about school in general.

It is therefore very rewarding to be able to get alongside and to help someone who can be struggling and to then (often) see their whole approach to school work change.

Admitting that one finds a subject difficult is not easy, being prepared to do something about it can be quite a brave step. As a tutor being there to help ‘pick up the pieces’ is a privilege.

Peter, maths tutor