about SATS?

Many parents contact Tutor My Kids when their children are
in year 5 or 6 looking for a home tutor in Cambridgeshire to help their children
in the lead-up to SATS.

Often children do not do as well in their SATS as they could
because of simple misunderstandings in what they’ve learnt or through not understanding
what they need to do to get the best results. Level 4 correlates with a good chance of GCSEs, level 5 with As.

Knowing how to check through work systematically to
ensure all the features of good writing are included can boost levels
significantly. Children can be taught to check their work through for a number of key features which teachers and external examiners are looking for to ensure they get the best possible levels for their writing. e.g. In order to get a level 5, your child will need to demonstrate that they are able to use accurately a number of ‘advanced’ punctuation marks, such as semi-colons and ellipses (…). Using metaphors, similes and personification in writing will show level 5 writing. Regularly forgetting full-stops and capital letters may put a ‘ceiling’ on their writing at level 3. 

Having good strategies to solve word problems in maths reduces anxiety
and increases marks. Children often panic when faced with applying their maths knowledge when it’s wrapped up in a word problem. Teaching children how to approach the problem – in the best way for them, makes the world of difference. Suddenly knowing how to work out whether you need to multiply, divide, add or take-away – or a combination of these for multi-step problems shows an improvement not only in marks, but vitally, in confidence too.

Home tuition in Cambridgeshire by a Tutor My Kids tutor works
wonders; it fills in the gaps in basic knowledge, builds confidence and ensures
your child knows what they need to do to get the best possible results. Because
the tuition is 1-2-1, it often takes much less time than parents expect.

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