Very Happy Bunnies at Tutor My Kids about the GCSE and A level results
Very Happy Bunnies at Tutor My Kids about the GCSE and A level results

Fabulous GCSE and A Level results from our students and their private tutors at TutorMyKids.

This last couple of weeks has been absolutely fabulous. It’s been our very best year for great GCSE and A level results from our students and their private tutors in Cambridge, Ely and surrounding areas. It is one of my very favourite parts of what we do at Tutor My Kids – talking to parents and our private tutors and finding out how successful the tuition has been and the results achieved.

The proof of the pudding…

Wins come in all shapes and sizes: greater confidence, moving up a maths set, but I suppose the ultimate test is exams, when the work is entirely unguided and unsupported.

…is in the eating.

All our clients and students have different goals for their private tuition, but it’s always life changing – especially when it comes to these exam results.

We’ve a student who’d missed a lot of time due to illness who has achieved A*s in sciences, which has enabled her to take up her place at Hill’s Rd. We’ve a student who had been predicated Es for maths and English who had been offered only vocational courses at Long Road who achieved Bs in English language and English literature, plus a C in maths. She’s now had her options massively widened – with A levels open to her as well as a much broader range of subjects. This is truly life-changing stuff.

Why are these results so good?

Well, I’ve found myself pondering this, because they are better than any other year so far. For some clients, we’ve been working with their children for 2 or 3 years, so it’s a cumulative effect of filling gaps in their knowledge so they’ve been thoroughly prepared by our private tutors, who are almost exclusively qualified teachers. However, some has been tuition that was put in the in final months before the exams, to shore up gaps, cover exam technique plus that key understanding of the marking scheme – what will score marks and what isn’t worth wasting time on. For more info on tuition for GCSE exam and A level tuition, click the links.

I think it’s that essentially that we’re blessed with a fantastic team of amazing teachers who tutor with their heart and soul (as well as paper and pen!). Our teachers are an absolute credit to us; they are the core of what makes us really good at what we do. They build the strongest bonds with their students and parents – it’s far from just a job. This engenders an amazing belief in the student which then becomes self-belief within the student and family.

Our parents are also doing an amazing job of supporting their children between sessions. Sometimes it’s helping with homework, often just a small prompt and a calm place to work. Plus of course, ensuring that their children are there regularly for the tuition.

How do you get such fabulous teachers?

We’re really lucky that we get teachers who are recommended to us by other great teachers. It’s not unusual to have a private tutor bring another great tutor on board. If you’re a qulaified teacher who’s interested in exploring becoming a private tutor, click the link or get in touch with Rachel Law at to arrange an informal chat.

How do you match them to the student so well?

In the same way as we get great teachers recommending us, we are really fortunate that we get a large percentage of our clients who are recommended to us by existing clients. So I think we’re getting a core of clients who are really committed to helping their children to be the best they can be.

We always visit our clients in their home to discuss and/or assess their needs; we want to ensure the right academic fit. In addition the right personality fit, is as (if not more) important as the correct academic fit. What we do is find the right tutor for the individual student’s needs: for example it’s often much more effective to have a primary school teacher (with good secondary curriculum knowledge) tutor maths to a weaker secondary student because they are often better at filling in basic maths gaps. Equally, if you have a very talented mathematician, you need to put in someone who can really stretch that student to reach their full potential. I suppose it’s that really great knowledge of the tutors and their strength which enables us to get such a great match. Put this together with a great personality fit between the student and tutor, great commitment on both sides and it’s a winning combination.

Happy Bunny

Whatever the reasons, I’m such a happy bunny that we’re delivering such great outcomes for such fabulous students and their families.