How-much-difference-can-an-hour-of one-to-one-tuition-make?

Private tutor Cambridge

As a company that provides private tutors in Ely, Cambridge, Huntingdon and Newmarket, we are often asked “how much of a difference can you actually make in an hour?”

It’s easy for us to sit here and tell you how brilliant we think we are, and how much of a difference we can make to your child’s confidence and their grades but, as a parent myself, I much prefer to hear from other families about their experiences:

“The results have been spectacular – going from a predicted E to a predicted B and actually enjoying learning!”

Jenny and her son Sam, Ely

“Being able to cover topics on the National Curriculum with a private tutor and have the topics explained to her at her level of understanding has set her up superbly to cope with the topic when introduced in the classroom”.

Verity and her daughter Isabel, Cambridge

So how are we able to achieve this in just one hour a week?

Did you know that families who home educate are often advised that home schooled children require 1 hour of tuition a day, or the equivalent of 10 minutes for every hour they are in school, due to the one to one attention they receive.This advice varies slightly between local authorities but one hour seems a common guide. This figure is also in keeping with the tuition provided by local authorities to sick children who are unable to attend school, where they tend to provide around 5 to 8 hours tuition a week.

The number of families’ homeschooling, or elective home educating (EHE), is growing in this country and it’s estimated that over 50,000 children are currently
home educated in the UK with this figure rising by as much as 80% per year.

The online education resource EdPlace estimates that British parents spend as much as £6bn a year on private lessons for their children and a recent Ipsos Mori poll for the Sutton Trust found that 24% of all young people in the UK have received private tuition at some point; in London, the figure rises to 40%.

Quality tuition

We’re biased, of course. Tutor My Kids was founded in Cambridgeshire by a teacher and all of our tutors (with the odd exception) are teachers. This means that we do feel very strongly that not all private tutors are equal. Many private tutors who are not teachers are very good, but there are plenty of tutors out there who know their subject matter very well but lack the experience in putting it across to learners, especially those who are less confident. Teachers do this, day in, day out and it makes them excellent tutors.

So how much of a difference can we actually make in an hour? Quite a bit.

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All our tutors are fully qualified teachers and have been DBS checked.