5 myths about tutoring

Are you considering home tuition for your child, but you have concerns about it? In this article we share 5 myths about tutoring and address the worries we hear from parents most often.

The reality is that a home tutor can boost a child’s confidence so they develop a ‘can do’ attitude towards learning that lasts a lifetime.

At TutorMyKids all our tutors are qualified, experienced teachers. They are experts in helping all children to flourish and achieve the success they deserve.

1. Tutoring is too expensive for us

This is a concern for many parents. At TutorMyKids we offer different options. Your child can receive tutoring every week or alternate weeks. They can have a one-off tutoring session or a short burst of catch-up/booster tuition. You can also pay by direct debit to spread the cost.

However, we do understand that our fees are not affordable for every family, especially with the cost-of-living crisis. We offer high quality tuition with qualified teachers who have been personally interviewed by Rachel Law who matches them to the individual needs of the student, and our tuition costs reflect this.

For an affordable option, you can post on your local Facebook page to find a qualified teacher who may be able to help. We suggest that you find someone who is recommended by several different parents. It is also a good idea to seek references from others families the tutor has helped, and to make sure they have an up-to-date DBS check.

We strongly recommend that you meet the tutor beforehand to make sure they are the right person to support your child. It is not only the tutor’s academic qualifications that are important, the dynamic between the tutor and the student must also be right.

2. Tutoring will take my child away from fun activities

Children don’t receive tuition every day, so there’s plenty of time for different activities like sports clubs, learning an instrument, playing and spending time with friends. It’s important for children’s physical and mental health that they know how to balance extra-curricular activities with academic studies.

Our tutors strongly believe that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Tutoring isn’t like being at school because sessions are personalised so they’re engaging to the individual child.

At TutorMyKids we make learning interactive by encouraging children to discuss their ideas, ask questions and be actively involved. Even if the topic is the same across a few sessions our tutors vary the way they teach. Your child might learn through games and quizzes, physical movement, manipulating objects, watching video clips and so much more!

3. It will stop my child from learning independently

Some parents worry that by having a tutor their child will think they can’t learn by themselves. However, our tutors encourage children to become more independent learners.

We teach children learning techniques that work best for them. They can then employ these techniques when they are studying by themselves which makes independent learning more effective.

Since our tutors get to know each child on a one-to-one basis (unlike in school where teachers have 30 children to teach at once) they discover their interests and strengths and can tailor their teaching accordingly. This means your child is more likely to enjoy learning and feel motivated to study independently.

For more about the different ways our tutors help children to learn please read our blog post, What makes a good tutor?

4. My child will feel they don’t deserve success

Sometimes parents are concerned that their child will feel their success isn’t deserved if they’ve received support from a tutor. However, nothing is further from the truth. Children must still put in all the work and effort required to succeed – nobody else can do that for them.

Children’s success is their own and completely deserved. Our tutors are here to steer them in the right direction, to encourage them and to cheer them on. They celebrate children’s successes with them!

5. My child won’t feel responsible if they don’t pass their exams

As we talked about above, a child’s success is their own. If they don’t achieve the pass they hoped for it’s normal for them to feel self-doubt.

A tutor can help them to stay calm, remind them what they already know and gently guide them back on track. The tutor will empower them by supporting them to make and follow a plan that will help them achieve the result they would like next time.

Are you interested in one-to-one tuition?

Hopefully we have addressed some myths about tutoring and put your mind at rest. However, if you are considering tutoring for your child and you still have concerns, please get in touch for a chat at hello@tutormykids.co.uk

Our warm, friendly tutors are skilled teachers who are dedicated to helping your child succeed.

We offer tuition in English, maths, sciences, humanities and languages to children in Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.