Dinosaur Day activities for all the family

The 1st of June is Dinosaur Day, which is a great opportunity for everyone to build their knowledge of the prehistoric creatures that capture all our imaginations.

We’re excited to share this list of fantastic (and local) dino days out, plus the best dinosaur-themed books, films, and activities to keep children busy not just on Dinosaur Day but all summer, whatever the weather brings!

Local days out with dinosaurs

Ely Museum

Discover prehistoric creatures that lived in Ely during the Jurassic period when the entire region was under the sea. You’ll find plesiosaurs, ammonites and much, much more.

During the school holidays, the museum sometimes runs themed activity days.

Fossils Galore!

This museum is a treasure trove of local fossils and ancient secrets. Here you will find an iguanodon, a giant Jurassic fish, and a woolly rhino skull – to name but a few!


Ipswich Museum

If you haven’t been to Ipswich Museum, it’s worth a trip. You will find the complete fossil of an Ichthyosaur – a species of marine dinosaur that’s been extinct for over 112 million years.


Natural History Museum

A relatively short train journey away, the Natural History Museum in London is the place that comes to mind when we think of dinosaurs. If you want to see Dippy, the famous diplodocus, he’s currently on tour around the country, so you’ll need to do a quick Google search.

Dippy or no Dippy, you’ll still find one of the most extensive collections of dinosaur fossils in the world here.



This is a dinosaur theme park just outside Norwich which is set in acres of stunning, natural woodland. There are more than 25 dinosaur themed attractions for children of all ages including a dinosaur walk, splash park, and indoor and outdoor play areas.

Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences

There’s an exciting collection of dinosaurs and other ancient fossils to discover here, including a Tyrannosaurus rex who is nicknamed ‘Stan’.

Although this isn’t dinosaur-related, it’s worth knowing that you can see Charles Darwin’s original species collections here too!


Dinosaur events this summer

Camping with Dinosaurs

14-20th August, Jimmy’s Farm, Norfolk

Would you like to be woken up in the morning by a dinosaur? Camp at Jimmy’s Farm and be greeted by a dinosaur every morning before exploring the farm.

Summer Saturday – Dinosaur Day

12th August, Newmarket Racecourse

Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs. Come face to face with some dinosaurs and join in with dinosaur-themed activities.


Books for Dinosaur Day and beyond

Under 8s

Dinosaur Roar!

Paul Stickland

This delightful picture book introduces young readers to different types of dinosaurs through fun, engaging rhymes. From the gentle Brontosaurus to the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, each dinosaur is brought to life with colourful illustrations that capture their distinct characteristics.

The Plesiosaur’s Neck

Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett

Why do Plesiosaurs have long necks? Perhaps you’ll find out in this wonderful picture book that encourages critical thinking. The underwater scenes are beautiful and capture children’s imaginations as they learn about this unique marine reptile.


Dinosaur Cove series

Rex Stone

The Dinosaur Cove series is an exciting collection of adventure books that transport readers back to a time where dinosaurs roamed.

The series follows the adventures of two young boys, Jamie and Tom, who discover a hidden portal that takes them to a prehistoric world. Each book explores a different dinosaur species and the challenges the boys face as they navigate their way through a dangerous and thrilling world.

The Secret Dinosaur series

N.S. Blackman

Marlin Maxton is a boy who discovers a secret, forgotten room in a museum that’s filled with metallic dinosaur models.

The dinosaur models, called Dinoteks, come to life, taking Marlin on a series of incredible adventures. The Dinoteks are being hunted down by their enemies – can Marlin save them?


Dinosaur Questions and Answers

Katie Daynes and Marie-Eve Tremblay

This colourful, lift-the-flap, questions and answers book is perfect for children of all ages. Most adults will also learn lots of facts about dinosaurs as they share this book!

The engaging style of presentation makes it easy for children to find the answers to their burning dinosaur-related questions. Information covers dinosaurs’ physical characteristics, behaviour, habitat, diet and other key information.

Answers are concise and clear, keeping children engaged so they want to find out more.

Teenagers and adults

If you’re looking for dinosaur-related fiction and non-fiction for teenagers and adults have a look at these reviews on BBC Science Focus.

Dinosaur Day films


Jurassic Park

A wealthy entrepreneur called John Hammond has genetically recreated dinosaurs and built a theme park on a remote island. To make sure the park is safe and profitable a group of visitors including a paleontologist, a paleobotanist, a mathematician and an accountant, are invited to inspect. John Hammond’s two grandchildren have also been invited to see the theme park for the first time.

When the park’s security systems fail and the dinosaurs break free, a thrilling and dangerous battle for survival begins. John Williams’ iconic and powerful musical score together with the awe-inspiring visuals transport us into this incredible world.

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing!

The story is set in the Natural History Museum in the 1920s. A microfilm containing top-secret information is hidden inside a dinosaur skeleton which goes missing from the museum. A group of intrepid nannies, led by Miss Witherspoon, must retrieve the dinosaur and recover the microfilm before the evil Dr Hu gets hold of it.

This is a delightful, charming family film that combines comedy, adventure and fantasy.


Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures is a children’s television series that combines nonfiction with storytelling. The series follows Andy as he travels back in time to learn about different dinosaurs. Each episode focuses on a different dinosaur species.

Children are immersed in the world of dinosaurs by Andy’s lively presenting style and the element of danger. As Andy encounters obstacles, he must find creative solutions which encourages children to think critically and solve problems.

This is an excellent series to develop children’s interest in paleontology and the wonders of prehistoric life.

Dinosaurs: The Final Day

Presented by David Attenborough, this is about the day the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit Earth. There’s an astonishing amount of detail which is based on recent research.

Prehistoric Planet

Released in 2022, this documentary series from David Attenborough challenges many things we thought we knew about dinosaurs. Drawing on the very latest research, this is a must-watch for anyone who wants to know all they can about dinosaurs.

Walking with Dinosaurs/Planet Dinosaur

An older documentary series, Walking with Dinosaurs uses 3D animation to bring the world of dinosaurs to life. Take a look at some clips on the BBC website.

Planet Dinosaurs, which was broadcast in 2011, is another BBC documentary series which combines high-tech graphics with factual research to bring dinosaurs to life. Here are some fantastic clips.

Both documentary series are no longer available on IPlayer, but you can access them through other channels, or buy original DVDs.

Rainy day dinosaur activities

If you’re looking for dinosaur-themed arts and crafts to keep children of all ages entertained, these websites are packed with ideas:

Dinosaur Activites for Families (Natural History Museum)

23 Dinosaur Activities for Kids

45 Amazing Dinosaur Activities for Kids

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