10 benefits of online tuition

Online tuition has become a popular choice with parents during the Covid pandemic. At TutorMyKids we are continuing to see a rise in enquiries. Safety advantages aside, here we share our top ten reasons why you might opt for digital tuition.

  1. Finding time is easier

Neither you (or the tutor) will need to factor in travel time. As most face-to-face tuition happens after school, rush hour traffic can mean the time available for tuition is limited.

As it is easier to find time, you can choose to opt for shorter and more frequent lessons. For some students, learning more regularly in shorter bursts is a more effective strategy than less frequent, longer sessions.

2. It is easier to find the right tutor

When you learn online your tutor can live anywhere in the country. This means you have a greater choice of tutor and you are more likely to find a tutor that best suits your child’s needs.

3. More contact with your tutor

As your child will be in contact with their tutor online anyway, it is easier for them to ask for help between sessions by email or via their phone.

4. More flexibility

If your child is suddenly unavailable at the last minute it is easier to reschedule an online lesson than a face-to-face lesson.

Also, if the tutor finds that your child would benefit from additional, unplanned resources during the course of the lesson they are more likely to have them at hand because they are at home.

5. Sharing resources

Teaching online enables the tutor to share files, videos and links during the course of the lesson. Resource sharing via a storage cloud means that practice exam questions and study materials can more easily be shared as there is no need to print reams of paper.

6. Technology assists learning

Online whiteboards, Google Earth, Google Maps and screen sharing are examples of online technology that helps to further students’ learning. Visual technology can increase a student’s engagement and enhance their understanding of tricky concepts.

7. Develops IT skills

Learning online helps students to develop the information technology skills they need in today’s job market. Students will communicate through chat platforms and video conference. They may need to upload assignments, convert files from Word to PDF, conduct searches, install and update software and more.

8. The best of both worlds

Online tuition provides a balance between traditional ‘distance learning’ and face-to-face tuition. Students become independent learners and at the same time receive guidance and support through live interaction with a tutor.

9. Develops independence

Online tuition enables students to take greater ownership of their learning without an adult standing over them. They are more responsible for organising their own time and become better at learning independently. Whatever their next step in life, being an independent, self-motivated learner will be essential.

10. More relaxed

Some students find online learning more relaxing than face-to-face tuition because nobody else is physically in the room with them.  They can feel more empowered and in charge of their own learning as there is less social pressure than there might be with somebody sitting beside them.

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During the Covid pandemic our tutors have discovered many benefits to online tuition. We offer maths, English, science, humanities and language tuition online.

All our tutors are highly qualified with years of experience, and they know how to motivate students of all ages to perform to the best of their ability. We will match your child with the tutor who is best suited to them so they get the most from online learning.

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