Could my child get extra time for GCSEs and A levels?

How could my child qualify for extra time in his/her GCSEs or A levels?

Qualification for extra time in the exams is ultimately down to your child’s school to decide, but there are various factors which might mean that your child would benefit from extra time. If your child has dyslexic tendencies – click the link to download our Dyslexia Questionnaire,your child may be able to get extra time in the exams. Children with working memory issues may also be able to qualify for extra time.

Which exams are eligible?

UK GCSEs and GCEs (A levels) and BTech are eligible for extra time.

How could I apply for extra time?

At Tutor My Kids, we always point you to the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at your child’s school first because they know your child’s educational history and can best advise.

However, sometimes, schools don’t have the time or funding to assess all the pupils who might benefit from exam time and it’s useful to be able to do this testing privately.

How does it work?

If you think your child may be eligible for extra time in some exams, speak to the SENCo first. The SENCo needs to fill out the first part of a form, called a ‘JCQ (Joint Council for qualifications) Form 8’. Then school or Tutor My Kids can assess your child and complete the rest of the form to see if extra time can be gained?

What do I need to be aware of?

Firstly, submitting a form 8 is no guarantee of getting extra time.

Secondly, the school’s SENCo (special educational needs co-ordinator) will need to fill out the first part of the form.

Thirdly, the concessions are applied for by exam subject, so you might get extra time in one exam, such as English, but not another, say maths.

Finally, the school would ultimately make the final decision if extra time will be awarded.

How does private testing work?

Have a look at the Dyslexia Questionnaire first.

Get in touch with school’s SENCo to see if they think a ‘Form 8’ would be successful and if they’d be prepared to submit one.

If they’re not willing or able to submit an application, would they fill out the information to enable the test to be done by Tutor My Kids?

Once you’ve had the ‘Form 8’ filled out by your school’s SENCO, we book for our qualified assessor to assess your child.

The assessor (using various standardised tests) will assess your child and fill out the ‘Form 8’ with the results.

How far will Tutor My Kids’ assessors travel?

Our Tutor My Kids assessors will travel up to 15 miles from Cambridge to do the assessment. It can usually be done at their school.

How long will it take?

The testing takes up to an hour, depending on the tests done.

What are the costs?

Fees for the testing, completion and submission to JCQ are £180.

What’s the deadline for summer 2018 exams?

Deadline for the submission of the form 8 (with SENCo comments) is end Jan 2018.

Who can I discuss it with first?

The school SENCo is a great place to start, especially, if your child is already having help from the school. Please also feel free to call Rachel Law on 01223 858421 or email her at