Fun Easter games for all the family

Are you wondering how to keep the family entertained on Easter day? We may have the solution for you!

Here are some fun Easter games that children and adults of all ages can enjoy together. We’ve included both outdoor and indoor games because who can predict the British weather at Easter? 

Some games are more relaxed, while others are perfect for working off that Easter roast and all those chocolate eggs.

Have fun and happy Easter!

April showers

Start by dividing the family into two teams. Everybody needs to wear a shower cap covered in squirty cream. Each team is given a bowl of Cheerios (other similar breakfast cereal will do).

When someone shouts ‘Go!’ the teams run around throwing Cheerios at the other team’s shower caps.

When all the Cheerios are used up, or everyone has had enough, the game ends. The team with the fewest Cheerios on their shower caps wins.

Bobtail tag

For this chasing game you need a selection of large craft pom-poms and some sticky tape. Make little loops of sticky tape and stick a loop on each pom-pom. Put the pom-poms in a bowl or box, making sure they don’t stick together.

To play, everybody runs around the garden trying to stick bobtails to each other. When all the bobtails have been stuck, the game ends. The person with the least number of bobtails stuck to them wins.

Easter bingo

There are lots of free Easter bingo games available online, which are great for a rainy day. We like this one by Crayons & Cravings.

If your child is feeling inspired, they could create their own Easter bingo or matching pairs game. They could make boards and cards by drawing designs or by cutting and sticking Easter-themed pictures from magazines or the internet.

Egg roll

For this racing game everybody needs a hard-boiled egg (to hard boil an egg place it in boiling water for 8 minutes), a paper plate and some Easter-themed stickers. Arrange some stickers, sticky-side up on each paper plate.

Everybody then rolls their egg around on their plate to decorate it. Whoever decorates their egg with the most stickers before it falls on the ground is the winner.

Egg tower

For this challenge you need lots of toy eggs (you could also use Cadbury’s Crème Eggs or hard boiled eggs). You will also need to cut up kitchen or toilet roll tubes to make lots of smaller tubes.

When you’re ready, everybody builds a tower using the eggs and tubes – tube, egg, tube, egg, tube, egg etc. The person who builds the tallest tower wins.

Eggy nose race

This is the same as an egg and spoon race except racers must roll an egg along the ground with their nose (no hands or other parts of the body are allowed). A hardboiled egg or plastic egg is best for this game!

Hopping rabbits

This is a sack race, but everyone could wear a pair of bunny ears so they feel more like hopping rabbits! Sacks can be old pillowcases or potato sacks which can be brought for a reasonable price online.

Anybody feeling crafty could decorate their sack before the race with Easter themed designs. Fabric markers work well on sacks, and they can be bought online or from craft shops.

You could help your child to think of design ideas by taking them on a spring walk and asking them what they can see and hear, or you could type ‘spring art’ into Google Images.

Silliest bunny ears

Everybody in the family makes some plain bunny ears from card. Then, the fun begins.

Using anything you have in the house (old magazines, scraps of paper, buttons, bits of ribbon, old clothes etc) or in the garden (leaves, flower petals etc.) everyone decorates or otherwise embellishes their bunny ears.

Who can create the silliest bunny ears?

Treat line

For this game you need a length of string (or washing line) and some biscuits or cakes to thread onto the string. Party rings and doughnuts work well.

Thread one treat for each member of the family onto the string and then tie the string between two posts. Posts could be a fence and a tree or two chairs, for example. Make sure the youngest member of the family can reach a treat with their mouth.

The object of the game is for everyone to eat their treat off the line by using only their mouth. No hands allowed!

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