Would your child benefit from one to one tuition?

Are you wondering whether your child needs one to one tuition? Here we share a few examples of circumstances where a child could gain significantly from individual tuition and what a tutor would do to help them.

A tutor can help if your child is struggling academically

The school curriculum is jam-packed and fast paced. Although teachers try to ensure every child understands a concept before they move on, in a class of at least thirty children it is very difficult to personalize learning.

The problem is that once a child has gaps in their learning they can fall further behind. As an example, if your child’s class has moved on to algebra before your child has fully understood operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing then they are going to find algebra very hard.

Everybody has areas in life where they excel and others that they find more challenging. Continuing with maths as an example, some children take a bit longer to understand concepts than others. This simply means they need more time and concepts may need to be taught in a slightly different way.

A tutor can help your child by first identifying gaps in their learning. Then they will move at your child’s own pace to fill those gaps. They will not take the next step until your child is ready.

Signs your child may be struggling at school

There are a number of signs that might indicate your child is struggling academically. However, other difficulties such as bullying or arguments with friends, for example, could also result in these signs.

  • Your child used to talk freely about school, but they have suddenly stopped.
  • Their attitude towards school has changed. If they say they are bored, for instance, it could be that the work is too difficult so they have switched off, or because it isn’t challenging enough.
  • They complain of physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches, and/or they are not eating or sleeping well. These are classic signs of stress.
  • They spend a long time completing homework, perhaps because it is too difficult.
  • They misbehave at school. Misbehaviour can stem from boredom which may indicate an issue with work.
  • They receive poor reports from teachers or low marks.

If you think your child has a problem at school, you will want to find out more. Your child may tell you themselves and the school should help.

If it transpires that your child is finding their work difficult, then the school should be able to pinpoint where their difficulties lie. You could then pass this information on to a home tutor, who will also carry out their own assessment.

Children who lack focus can achieve with a tutor

Some children do not have academic difficulties, but they just do not work at their best in a busy classroom. They may be distracted by friends or just need a quieter room to work in. A lack of focus can have a significant impact on academic achievement.

With a tutor focused entirely on them in a quiet space with no distractions, your child can thrive, particularly if tutoring sessions are arranged at a time that suits them. For example, a young adult may get more from a tutoring session later in the day than early in the morning.

A tutor can help your child to learn how to learn

Every child has their own learning style and a tutor will get to know whether your child leans more towards an auditory, kinesthetic or a visual learning style. They will find the learning techniques that work best for your child and teach them how to use those techniques effectively.

‘Learning how to learn’ is a fundamental skill that sets a child up for life. It is not only important when revising for exams but for every aspect of life. The earlier they master the best learning techniques for them the better.

One-to-one tuition benefits children who love learning

If your child has a passion for a certain subject or a particular topic a tutor can nurture this. In school there is little time to dive deeply into specific subjects because there is so much to cover.

At TutorMyKids our tutors are qualified teachers who have specialist subjects. Whatever your child’s fascination, whether it is engineering, zoology, creative writing, a specific period in history, geology or something else we will do our best to match them with the right tutor.

As well as this, our tutors make learning any subject more interesting by linking it to a child’s interests wherever possible. If your child listens to a certain artist’s music then the lyrics might be used in an English lesson to help them to understand metaphors or similes, for instance.

Would you like to find out more about one to one tuition?

Whether your child needs a little extra help with their schoolwork, a confidence boost, or they have a passion for a subject they would like to explore further, we can help.

We offer tuition in English, maths, science, humanities and languages to children in Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

To find out more about one to one tuition please contact 01223 858 421 or hello@tutormykids.co.uk

How to keep teenagers busy on lockdown weekends

Lockdown weekends can be boring for teenagers who are used to going out and about seeing their friends. Many parents worry that their children are miserable and spending too much time playing computer games.

Here we share some ideas to keep teenagers busy on lockdown weekends – hopefully one or two activities will really spark their interest.

Create an anime

An anime is a hand-drawn computer animation that comes from Japan. Creating an anime involves weaving stories and then building and illustrating a story world. Teenagers who are interested in art and design can acquire valuable new skills making these computer animations.

Escape Room challenge

Escape room games are fun for the whole family and teenagers can play with their friends. These games can be played virtually during the pandemic. See Durham Escape Rooms and Escape Live online challenges.

Go cycling

If your teenager needs an incentive to go cycling, try the Strava app. The app encourages cyclists to improve their distance over time.

Join a stage school

The Stage Academy provide online classes in singing, dancing and acting for children and teenagers. The classes are taught by industry professionals and students receive one-to-one feedback. Even before lockdown these classes were popular as they are interactive, engaging and excellent value for money.

Just Dance

The Just Dance computer game is a fun way for teenagers to exercise to the latest tracks. The game can be played on most platforms.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is something you might enjoy doing as a whole family – see Duolingo.

If your child is learning a language for GCSE or A Level, TutorMyKids offers one-to-one language tuition online with fully qualified, expert tutors.

Learn coding for beginners

With a Code Academy online course, teenagers will learn to code computers and then apply their knowledge to real life scenarios. Coding skills are well sought after by employers and are worth the time investment for those interested.

Learn juggling

This can become quite competitive for the whole family. There are lots of instructional videos online. We like CBBC’s Learn to juggle with three balls.

Learn photography

Photography is a great incentive to go outside. If your teenager has an Iphone or Android they could take a course in smartphone photography to learn how to compose photographs by framing the subject and how to use the app to improve colour, contrast and brightness.

Alternatively, if they (or you) own a DSLR camera they could take an online course with The Institute of Photography.

Learn to sew

For free sewing classes to inspire your teenager, see the Crazy Little Projects website. If your teenager is really interested in sewing and wants to make their own clothes have a look at Bobbin and Ink’s nine week sewing lessons.

They could even make scrubs for the NHS!

Learn touch typing for kids

Touchtyping is an invaluable skill in the digital age. Learning to touchtype rather than jabbing keys with two fingers can prevent repetitive strain injury and speed up schoolwork.

Make a photobook

Most of us have got photos on our phones and computers that have been there for ages, but how often do we look at them? Your teenager could spend time usefully designing a photobook of treasured memories.

Make a podcast

Does your teenager enjoy listening to podcasts? If so, they could create their own. It’s very easy to start a podcast and many podcast hosting platforms have comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides for beginners.

Listen to podcasts

If your child is looking for something new to listen to here is a list of 20 of the best podcasts for teenagers.

Play Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a world of stories, board games and digital games. If your child enjoys fantasy adventure then this immersive world could be for them!

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cubes are back. These fantastic puzzles develop problem solving skills and encourage perseverance. Have a look at the official Rubik’s website for tips and tricks.

Take piano our ukulele lessons

Get your earplugs ready – your teenager could learn to play the piano or the ukulele online! In fact, a quick Google search will reveal that your child can learn to play just about any musical instrument they like.

Love learning with TutorMyKids one-to-one tuition

If your child’s enthusiasm for learning has waned since lockdown, they may benefit from tailored one-to-one tuition to get them back on track.

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced. They know how to motivate teenagers and re-ignite their spark.

To find out more, email or phone us today: hello@tutormykids.co.uk/01223 858 421