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Tutor My Kids

I love my job! I love helping kids who have lost confidence find their confidence again and get a renewed interest in their learning.

And the very best bit of that is talking to Tutor My Kids’ amazing tutors in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and Cambridge and the students’ parents, hearing first hand how the tuition is going. I especially love that first call.

It’s natural that parents and students are going to feel anxious before the first session of private tuition, especially if they haven’t had a tutor before. Students and their parents wonder if they’ll get along with the tutor, if the tutor will be able to help them, if the tutor ‘will talk their language’ and be on the same wavelength as them. So the first call is always a great joy to know that all these anxieties have been swept away. Whilst our testimonials show how well we match our tutors to our students, many of our clients are delighted, but slightly surprised how well we achieve this.

I think it’s down to a number of key factors. We always visit our students and their parents/carers in their own home well so that we can gain a good understanding of their needs, but also their personality. I think a tutor who can connect with the individual student is as important as the tutor having the correct subject knowledge. We always interview our tutors face-to-face to ensure a great understanding of their skills and personality too. In many cases, I will do an initial academic assessment when I visit to get a feel for any specific areas which need to be addressed. This (with the parent/carers’ permission) is supplemented with information from the class or subject teacher at school. With my view, the school’s information and finally the tutor’s expertise, we have a real 360 degree view of the students needs. But is it just down to this great academic and personality matching?

With a few exceptions, all our tutors in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and Cambridge (the areas we cover) are qualified teachers. Their many years of experience of their subjects is paramount, but how to get their learning across to a wide variety of different students who learn in a myriad of different ways, equally, if not, more valuable.

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