4 Reasons to Become a Home Tutor and Why #3 is so Special.

Being a home tutor is one of the most popular jobs
in Britain, with 1 in 4 UK school children now using a private tutor. Figures
show the
number of private tutors outnumbers the NHS, solicitors and teachers.

Ipsos Mori
calculated there were 1.5 million people who earn money from teaching pupils
outside school. In contrast, there are 442,000 full-time teachers, 370,000
nurses and 118,000 solicitors in England and Wales. An estimated 24 per cent of
pupils have used a tutor over the last year, with that figure rising to 40 per
cent in London.
The industry is
booming and there’s never been as much demand for tutors in the UK. More and
more teachers and university graduates are choosing to work as private tutors
and, after speaking to 30+ private tutors, here a few common reasons why we
think that is:
– an average hourly rate of £20 per hour with low overheads, although
qualified teachers can often command more based on their skills.
“I started tutoring after getting my degree as a teacher
to get extra money in a job that fitted around my teaching hours.  However, I’m now in a much better situation
financially but have carried on Tutoring because I enjoy it so much!” Laura
Flexibility – tutoring
generally takes place after the school day has finished and at weekends, so
fits around other commitments
My reason for
becoming a home tutor was really family based. I had left my full time job as a
teacher after having my son and needed a job that would work around supply
teaching and family life. This fits the bill perfectly!” Kelly
Personally Rewarding – Home tutoring
can be hugely rewarding in terms of seeing students achieve their potential.
 “I feel valued and trusted and empowered – all
the things that I didn’t feel when I worked in main-stream education”. 
I did not
realise that I would become such a part of each family! Connecting with the
mums (and dads) and speaking about their hopes and aspirations for their
children is touching and can be very emotional on both sides.” Kelly
“I love being a home
tutor! The parents make me feel valued and part of the family and it is a joy
to spend time with the students. Even when they are having a bad day I feel I
can make a difference”
made education
– providing the opportunity to make
education fun and engaging again.
Working 1:1 it’s
possible to make lessons more fun and interesting and targeted. It gives the
child the chance to focus on the activity without distraction and to ask
“Working with just one
student means I can plan tailor-made lessons, create diverse differentiated
learning materials and suddenly change my lesson plan to meet the student’s
immediate needs.”
Sounds like the
sort of rewarding work you might be interested in? So how do you go about
getting started, it can be quite daunting, as one of our tutors said “Thinking
about it was more stressful than beginning!” There is currently no official
accreditation for home educators in the UK, so how qualified a tutor should be
is generally at the discretion of students and parents using the services. At Tutor My Kids, over 90% of our
tutors are qualified teachers, although occasionally we recruit great graduates
with the right skills.
We also carry
out DBS Checks on all our tutors. DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service
and has taken over from CRB checks following the merger of the Criminal Records
Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) in June last
So if you’re a
teacher, with experience of planning and teaching the UK curriculum, and are friendly
and approachable with a genuine interest in motivating younger people (or know
someone who is) then you’re just who
we’re looking for.
Please email or call us (details below) to find out more about how becoming a
home tutor could work for you.
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