Are you one of the 50% of all teachers who are thinking of leaving teaching in the next 2 years?  

Teachers leaving teaching to become private tutors in Ely, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket.
Teachers leaving teaching to become private tutors in #Ely, #Cambridge, #Newmarket and Huntingdon.

Half of teachers are considering leaving teaching due to workload and work/life balance.

This was the statistic that was highlighted from a YouGov pol in a recent Guardian article. Most due to work load (61%) and then work/life balance (57%). Research from Department of Education, says that teachers are working up to 60 hours a week. I think unless you’re in a profession, or know someone well who is, this is a lost statistic. Many people still see the long holidays and short days that children are in the classroom, overlooking the planning, marking and assessment that eats into evenings, weekends and holidays.  I was talking recently to a friend who’s a teacher in #Ely and she says that she’s never known it so bad, in terms of paperwork, pressure and expectations.

Transferable skills

Many teachers are being lost entirely from the profession, with good transferable skills into other professions and businesses, but there are teachers who are choosing not to lose their teaching skills and are working differently.

Work Differently

Many teachers are addressing their work/life balance and choosing to work differently. Some are opting for part-time teaching, supply teaching and/or private tutoring.

Private Tutoring – daytime or evening

At Tutor My Kids, we see many teachers who are or have changed the way they’re working. We’ve recently had a head teacher join us who is loving teaching kids against, whilst still maintaining her skills and delivering training to teachers too. She’s reporting much higher job satisfaction and work/life balance. We’ve a number who combine supply teaching with tutoring and a number of deputy head teachers who are combining tutoring with young family commitments. Some of our teachers want to tutor in the evenings so they’re around daytime for pre-school children, others prefer daytime tuition. We’re working with schools in Cambridgeshire, providing daytime tutors for students who can’t assess classroom tuition – alternative provision, which suits some of our tutors in Cambridge really well.

Do you want to know more?

If you’re wondering if you could change the way you teach, take a look at How to become a private tutor or give Rachel a call on 01223 858421 to discuss becoming a private tutor in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket, Cambourne and Huntingdon areas.