Teenagers will have to keep
studying GCSE English and maths until they get a C grade.

government has announced plans that teenagers who fail to get a ‘C’ grade in
their English or maths GCSE will need to re-sit them.

At Tutor My
Kids, we find that maths tuition is really effective and can make a big
difference in a short period of time. Teenagers don’t want to ask questions in
class in front of their peers, either because they’re labelled as ‘geeks’ or
they feel that they should know and their peers will judge them for being ‘stupid’.
1-to-1 tuition enables teenagers to ask the questions they need to know, build
up subject knowledge and exam technique.

The big
outcome for these teenagers is CONFIDENCE. Kids that thought they couldn’t do
maths are now finding out that they can.

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