Have you thought about getting a Tutor for your child whilst schools are closed?

It’s back to school after the Easter holidays this week, home school of course. It’s not ideal for many, especially as parents are also trying to work from home, help other vulnerable members of the family and generally cope with this whole strange situation we find ourselves in. It does however look to be continuing for some time yet.

Here at Tutor My Kids the Coronovirus lockdown has meant changing the way our Tutors teach. Our professional and qualified teachers are used to holding sessions in clients’ homes but now, with social distancing in place, they are carrying out all their tutoring online, usually via Skype or Zoom. This has been working really very well and we are so pleased we are able to continue to help children learn and help keep up some form of routine for them during this time.

If you are interested in getting some support for your child whilst schools are closed, then please do get in touch with us to see how we can help. It might be that you need to supplement the home schooling you are doing with them, or that you are still working and unable to give much time to teaching them yourself. Our excellent tutors can help to keep the children on track with the national curriculum and ensure their learning at home is effective. 

We can provide

  • 1-2-1 online tutoring in various subjects.
  • small group online sessions, perhaps for your child and 2 or 3 class friends who would like to work together.
  • work setting and marking as part of our tutoring sessions, so the children have work to be getting on with during each week.

Did you know that families who home educate are often advised that home schooled children require 1 hour of tuition a day, or the equivalent of 10 minutes for every hour they are in school, due to the one to one attention they receive? This advice varies slightly between local authorities but one hour seems a common guide. This figure is also in keeping with the tuition provided by local authorities to sick children who are unable to attend school, where they tend to provide around 5 to 8 hours tuition a week.

Even one hour tutoring a week with one of our experienced teachers whilst schools are closed could make a huge difference to your child. It can help to ensure they don’t get out of the learning habit, that they are working effectively and that they progress during this time.

If you’d like an informal chat about getting a tutor for your child, take a look at our For Parents page or call 01223 858421 or email Rachel Law to schedule a chat

All our tutors are fully qualified teachers and have been DBS checked.